2017 Points Standings

For eligibility rules and awarding of points: http://www.fortwaynerunningclub.org/join-members/points-races-1

If you have any corrections or feedback, please contact the Points Coordinator,
Frank Murphy (points@fwtc.org)

Female, <= 19Female, 20 - 24Female, 25 - 29Female, 30 - 34
Female, 35 - 39Female, 40 - 44Female, 45 - 49Female, 50 - 54
Female, 55 - 59Female, 60 - 64Female, 65 - 69Female, >= 70

Male, <= 19Male, 20 - 24Male, 25 - 29Male, 30 - 34
Male, 35 - 39Male, 40 - 44Male, 45 - 49Male, 50 - 54
Male, 55 - 59Male, 60 - 64Male, 65 - 69Male, >= 70

Note: Names in italics are currently eligible for the IronRunner award.

Female, <= 19  
Louis, Taylor11(31.9mi @ 10:22/mi)451
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:053rd70
 Nutri-Run 20K02:17:321st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:493rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:221st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:08:194th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:19Finisher1
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Beber, Alexandra11(19.5mi @ 10:36/mi)351
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:134th60
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:554th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:352nd80
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:17:325th50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:30:29Finisher1
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Witmer, Gretchen14(15.5mi @ 08:03/mi)350
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:461st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:24:111st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:55:172nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:21:273rd70
Witmer, Natalie16(9.3mi @ 07:42/mi)180
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:51:101st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:20:282nd80
Broerman, Julia14(6.2mi @ 07:35/mi)130
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:082nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:22:515th50
Sheefel, Elizabeth19(12.4mi @ 13:20/mi)120
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:40:256th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:42:126th40
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:22:466th40
Sheefel, Leah10(15.5mi @ 14:22/mi)111
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:40:245th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:42:177th30
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:39:297th30
 Runners On Parade 5K00:40:35Finisher1
Zeigler, Jamie16(9.3mi @ 08:34/mi)110
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:55:303rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:24:086th40
Beckman, Lauren17(3.1mi @ 05:56/mi)100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:18:231st100
Sroufe, Skye11(3.1mi @ 09:31/mi)80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:29:302nd80
Ebetino, Alexandria16(3.1mi @ 06:57/mi)60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:21:334th60
Strunk, Abigail11(3.1mi @ 11:19/mi)50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:35:065th50
Sullivan, Bridget14 50
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer50
Deckard, Addison9(3.1mi @ 15:15/mi)30
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:47:157th30
McLaughlin, Emily14(3.1mi @ 07:51/mi)30
 Runners On Parade 5K00:24:197th30
Brand, Jazmyne12(6.2mi @ 17:52/mi)21
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:55:188th20
 Runners On Parade 5K00:55:28Finisher1
Kolvoord, Mak10(3.1mi @ 08:04/mi)20
 Runners On Parade 5K00:25:018th20
Hardin, Meredith14(3.1mi @ 08:25/mi)10
 Runners On Parade 5K00:26:059th10
Female, 20 - 24  
Gray, Kathy23(31.9mi @ 13:27/mi)610
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:36:322nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K03:12:061st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:38:251st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:46:171st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:21:381st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:34:152nd80
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Berghoff, Robin24(7.1mi @ 14:45/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:46:123rd70
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:58:292nd80
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer0
Hartig, Kelsey24(3.1mi @ 09:17/mi)100
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:471st100
Shirkey, Haylee22(3.1mi @ 08:19/mi)100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:25:481st100
Female, 25 - 29  
Hoffman, Hannah25(31.9mi @ 06:56/mi)650
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:19:431st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:25:501st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:21:051st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:25:391st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:48:151st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:20:491st100
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Klueter, Natalie25(31.9mi @ 10:43/mi)500
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:30:343rd70
 Nutri-Run 20K02:18:112nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:102nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:072nd80
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:14:253rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:153rd70
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Regan, Michelle29(31.9mi @ 11:34/mi)420
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:33:266th40
 Nutri-Run 20K02:34:573rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:434th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:42:483rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:13:392nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:30:265th50
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Hamilton, Carmen25(18.6mi @ 11:57/mi)210
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:162nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K02:40:534th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:103rd70
Bobay, Mollie28(3.1mi @ 09:01/mi)80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:27:562nd80
Chevalier, Natalie29(3.1mi @ 10:33/mi)60
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:32:414th60
Martin, Mollie26(4mi @ 14:59/mi)60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:59:564th60
Schreiber, Sarah28(3.1mi @ 09:13/mi)60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:354th60
Herron, Kalissa29(3.1mi @ 12:23/mi)50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:38:225th50
Perryman, Lisa25(3.1mi @ 10:36/mi)50
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:32:525th50
Schloss, Liz28 50
 Fanny Freezer 5KVolunteer50
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer0
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer0
Freson, Marissa29(3.1mi @ 11:35/mi)40
 Runners On Parade 5K00:35:536th40
Female, 30 - 34  
Van Naarden, Kimberly32(31.9mi @ 08:05/mi)650
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:22:001st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:48:071st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:041st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:29:111st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:53:321st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:21:531st100
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Warrix, Meghan30(31.9mi @ 09:50/mi)510
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:213rd70
 Nutri-Run 20K02:08:262nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:29:202nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:583rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:03:352nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:27:132nd80
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Bell, Rebecca34(16.4mi @ 09:47/mi)300
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:27:512nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:392nd80
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:08:283rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:27:263rd70
Kaufman, Sasha31(16.4mi @ 13:35/mi)210
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:39:115th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:52:244th60
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:33:344th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:37:436th40
Ihrie, Nicole34(10.2mi @ 13:02/mi)170
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:42:033rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:54:005th50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:36:565th50
French-Willis, Tina33(6.2mi @ 10:58/mi)120
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:33:594th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:33:594th60
Female, 35 - 39  
Snare, Leslie38(31.9mi @ 09:49/mi)410
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:135th50
 Nutri-Run 20K02:09:203rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:27:462nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:35:063rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:03:485th50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:27:496th40
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Galassini, Michelle38(19.5mi @ 09:13/mi)400
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:25:571st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:27:111st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:216th40
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:03:204th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:26:585th50
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Gaff, Hidi36(13.3mi @ 07:00/mi)300
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:27:151st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:45:451st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:20:031st100
Schenkel, Tammy35(28.8mi @ 10:40/mi)280
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:27:082nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K02:26:135th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:28:535th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:407th30
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:08:258th20
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Garrelts, Teri38(15.5mi @ 07:41/mi)230
 Fanny Freezer 5KVolunteer50
 Nutri-Run 20K01:38:251st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer0
 Runners On Parade 5K00:20:412nd80
DeBuck, Rachel39(25.7mi @ 09:35/mi)221
 Nutri-Run 20K02:01:542nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:28:474th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:38:38Finisher1
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:56:572nd80
Sheefel, Michelle35(19.5mi @ 09:49/mi)210
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:30:399th10
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:297th30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:37:288th20
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:05:356th40
 Runners On Parade 5K00:26:134th60
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Herald, Amanda37(31.9mi @ 11:05/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:217th30
 Nutri-Run 20K02:33:416th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:29:576th40
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:38:319th10
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:13:349th10
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:418th20
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Maloney, Kelly36(16.4mi @ 09:39/mi)180
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:063rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:155th50
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:05:547th30
 Runners On Parade 5K00:27:587th30
Tse, Carmen39(7.1mi @ 08:03/mi)150
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:32:542nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:24:143rd70
Pfeiffer, Emily35(9.3mi @ 09:19/mi)140
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:28:213rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:58:183rd70
Erickson-Pesetski, Stacy39(7.1mi @ 09:02/mi)120
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:244th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:35:434th60
Dennis, Sarah36(15.5mi @ 11:01/mi)80
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:30:198th20
 Nutri-Run 20K02:20:284th60
Willems-Akers, Mary35(6.2mi @ 09:22/mi)50
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:186th40
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:489th10
Hartman, Stacey37 50
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer0
 Runners On Parade 5KVolunteer0
Doepner, Lesley37(6.2mi @ 11:13/mi)21
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:35:588th20
 Runners On Parade 5K00:33:34Finisher1
Tyler, Desirea38(9.3mi @ 14:07/mi)11
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:49:159th10
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:22:00Finisher1
Goodrich, Lana37(3.1mi @ 11:51/mi)1
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:36:45Finisher1
Bernard, Emily39(4mi @ 13:44/mi)1
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:54:57Finisher1
Female, 40 - 44  
Felger, Janice44(31.9mi @ 10:21/mi)490
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:494th60
 Nutri-Run 20K02:18:332nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:573rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:37:233rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:02:182nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:002nd80
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Brown, Sherry43(31.9mi @ 10:44/mi)460
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:213rd70
 Nutri-Run 20K02:27:473rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:152nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:38:074th60
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:07:053rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:554th60
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Sites, Amy Jo41(16.4mi @ 08:39/mi)400
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:531st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:33:161st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:59:011st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:24:341st100
Clements, Bridget43(31.9mi @ 11:39/mi)350
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:245th50
 Nutri-Run 20K02:33:345th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:34:094th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:40:346th40
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:20:305th50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:31:155th50
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Lubbehusen, Connie44(31.9mi @ 12:16/mi)310
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:35:106th40
 Nutri-Run 20K02:46:576th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:35:585th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:43:057th30
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:18:234th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:31:296th40
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Blasius, Katrina41(13.3mi @ 10:28/mi)270
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:45:038th20
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:28:441st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:512nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:353rd70
Sayler, Kris44(19.5mi @ 11:07/mi)190
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:312nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K02:28:214th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:555th50
Junk, Sandra43(12.4mi @ 10:14/mi)150
 Nutri-Run 20K02:06:521st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer50
 Runners On Parade 5KVolunteer0
Becker, Jaime40 50
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer50
 Runners On Parade 5KVolunteer0
Dennis, Amanda41 50
 Fanny Freezer 5KVolunteer50
Sullivan, Danielle44 50
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer50
Deck, Shelly44(3.1mi @ 10:25/mi)30
 Runners On Parade 5K00:32:177th30
Labenberg, Anne Marie41(3.1mi @ 12:43/mi)30
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:39:257th30
Female, 45 - 49  
Louis, Karen48(31.9mi @ 10:08/mi)510
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:061st100
 Nutri-Run 20K02:17:313rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:495th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:35:082nd80
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:02:202nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:142nd80
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Rowan, Debby49(31.9mi @ 11:01/mi)450
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:085th50
 Nutri-Run 20K02:27:444th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:242nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:283rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:11:403rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:30:013rd70
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Schaefer, Marcia46(31.9mi @ 11:16/mi)380
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:316th40
 Nutri-Run 20K02:31:105th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:373rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:414th60
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:14:345th50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:30:384th60
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Hardin, Cari45(25.7mi @ 08:33/mi)380
 Nutri-Run 20K01:51:062nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:571st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:54:491st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:22:411st100
Love, Shellie48(31.9mi @ 11:26/mi)330
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:32:438th20
 Nutri-Run 20K02:31:576th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:094th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:40:555th50
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:14:344th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:31:085th50
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Martin, Kim48(31.9mi @ 14:59/mi)240
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:377th30
 Nutri-Run 20K03:34:257th30
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:49:078th20
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:50:146th40
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:40:267th30
 Runners On Parade 5K00:32:206th40
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
McAlary, Amy48(6.2mi @ 09:28/mi)170
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:363rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:061st100
Harding, Kim46(15.5mi @ 15:14/mi)122
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:46:38Finisher1
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:44:427th30
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:39:186th40
 Runners On Parade 5K00:45:23Finisher1
Brooks, Tracy47(12.4mi @ 08:26/mi)100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:44:401st100
Christie, Tina48(13.3mi @ 18:35/mi)82
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:57:59Finisher1
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:59:409th10
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:16:188th20
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:53:14Finisher1
Doak, Dawn45(13.3mi @ 13:54/mi)81
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:47:19Finisher1
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:42:166th40
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:57:337th30
 Runners On Parade 5K00:37:399th10
King, Tammy45(3.1mi @ 08:26/mi)80
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:102nd80
Morgan, Susan48(3.1mi @ 09:17/mi)60
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:464th60
Brady, Erin45 50
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer0
 Runners On Parade 5KVolunteer0
Bealer, Connie46(3.1mi @ 10:28/mi)30
 Runners On Parade 5K00:32:277th30
Grady, Tina48(3.1mi @ 12:05/mi)20
 Runners On Parade 5K00:37:278th20
Jackson, Tabatha49(3.1mi @ 12:33/mi)10
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:38:559th10
Female, 50 - 54  
McGovern, Cindy52(28.8mi @ 08:08/mi)530
 Nutri-Run 20K01:45:391st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:25:422nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:031st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:49:391st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:23:121st100
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Pusey, Cathy51(31.9mi @ 08:49/mi)520
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:25:402nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:55:243rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:24:561st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:32:183rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:57:412nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:25:043rd70
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Clancy, Belinda52(27.9mi @ 11:28/mi)350
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:294th60
 Nutri-Run 20K02:31:414th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:524th60
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:17:293rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:29:375th50
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Osborn, Ellen53(22.6mi @ 08:15/mi)340
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:111st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:47:212nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:492nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:24:002nd80
Richardson, Kimberly53(31.9mi @ 14:55/mi)300
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:41:356th40
 Nutri-Run 20K03:34:285th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:40:146th40
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:51:275th50
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:28:064th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:39:469th10
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Heim, Lori52(13.3mi @ 11:55/mi)240
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:39:125th50
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:37:105th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:46:364th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:35:257th30
Konkle, Sherrie53(10.2mi @ 12:02/mi)170
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:503rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:03:146th40
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:404th60
Seigel, Debbie51(3.1mi @ 09:28/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:223rd70
Deal, Jenny54 50
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
Ebetino, Marsha52(3.1mi @ 10:23/mi)40
 Runners On Parade 5K00:32:116th40
Lubs, Beverly52(3.1mi @ 11:45/mi)20
 Runners On Parade 5K00:36:268th20
Walker, Kellie51(3.1mi @ 13:53/mi)1
 Runners On Parade 5K00:43:03Finisher1
Female, 55 - 59  
Myers, Jackie56(19.5mi @ 10:14/mi)380
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:543rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:514th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:164th60
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:07:491st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:29:366th40
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Kinder, Melinda56(22.6mi @ 09:42/mi)300
 Nutri-Run 20K02:06:542nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:243rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:162nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:25:463rd70
Browning, Benita59(31.9mi @ 17:21/mi)271
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:47:137th30
 Nutri-Run 20K04:13:167th30
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:47:287th30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:57:155th50
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:39:082nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:49:18Finisher1
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Wilson, Linda58(18.6mi @ 10:34/mi)220
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:171st100
 Nutri-Run 20K02:17:573rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:29:265th50
Ramirez, Lisa57(31.9mi @ 18:25/mi)201
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:49:169th10
 Nutri-Run 20K04:17:368th20
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:50:588th20
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:07:137th30
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:50:233rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:52:18Finisher1
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Conrad, Denise55(6.2mi @ 06:44/mi)200
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:21:241st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:20:231st100
Greider, Betty56(31.9mi @ 18:02/mi)182
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:50:44Finisher1
 Nutri-Run 20K04:04:526th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:52:21Finisher1
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:07:568th20
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:51:094th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:48:229th10
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Petcoff, Deanna56(7.1mi @ 08:14/mi)180
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:33:161st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:25:132nd80
Kosberg, Karen55(15.5mi @ 08:28/mi)180
 Nutri-Run 20K01:45:421st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:25:392nd80
Berghoff, Kathy55(13.3mi @ 15:40/mi)140
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:47:518th20
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:51:539th10
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:02:496th40
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer0
 Runners On Parade 5K00:45:468th20
Verduce, Cindy55(18.6mi @ 13:11/mi)140
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:37:005th50
 Nutri-Run 20K02:49:355th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:38:426th40
Best, Helen58(7.1mi @ 09:10/mi)130
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:37:183rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:27:464th60
Bultemeier, Anita57(3.1mi @ 10:05/mi)80
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:162nd80
Muncy, Bobbi56(6.2mi @ 14:30/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:45:506th40
 Runners On Parade 5K00:44:037th30
Kroeger, Sue57(3.1mi @ 11:08/mi)60
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:34:304th60
Dobis, Carol55(12.4mi @ 13:09/mi)60
 Nutri-Run 20K02:43:094th60
Koenemann, Susan59(3.1mi @ 10:16/mi)50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:505th50
Tillapaugh, Judy58 50
 Fanny Freezer 5KVolunteer50
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer0
 Runners On Parade 5KVolunteer0
Female, 60 - 64  
Cornwell, Cynthia62(28.8mi @ 09:28/mi)550
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:131st100
 Nutri-Run 20K02:06:531st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:34:101st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:00:401st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:24:531st100
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Voors, Mary61(31.9mi @ 16:28/mi)430
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:53:425th50
 Nutri-Run 20K03:41:592nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:45:192nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:56:534th60
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:44:062nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:43:187th30
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Murphy, Beverly62(10.2mi @ 10:11/mi)270
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:32:021st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:41:043rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer0
 Runners On Parade 5K00:30:455th50
Gripp, Christy60(10.2mi @ 10:08/mi)230
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:34:512nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:38:552nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:29:393rd70
Alberding, Linda61(7.1mi @ 13:47/mi)110
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:40:424th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:57:105th50
Wyatt, Joni63(6.2mi @ 11:41/mi)110
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:36:353rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:35:486th40
Heim, Lynn61(3.1mi @ 09:18/mi)80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:482nd80
Kingsbury, Roxanne62(3.1mi @ 09:40/mi)60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:29:594th60
Coon, Laura60(3.1mi @ 17:19/mi)40
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:53:426th40
Bobay, Nancy61(3.1mi @ 15:24/mi)20
 Runners On Parade 5K00:47:428th20
Female, 65 - 69  
Wearley, Barb67(13.3mi @ 10:29/mi)360
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:33:331st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:071st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:41:322nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:31:162nd80
Nidlinger, Sherry66(16.4mi @ 13:41/mi)320
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:39:002nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:51:543rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:33:501st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:39:333rd70
Verstynen, Susan66(7.1mi @ 09:50/mi)200
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:591st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:29:511st100
Boyer, Nancy65(3.1mi @ 13:33/mi)60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:41:584th60
Female, >= 70  
Jedrek-Lehman, Patricia70(31.9mi @ 10:50/mi)650
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:35:011st100
 Nutri-Run 20K02:30:011st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:34:141st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:43:231st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:50:191st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:32:441st100
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Scrogham, Barb70(31.9mi @ 15:32/mi)500
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:38:192nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K03:34:252nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:49:073rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:55:353rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:40:262nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:37:233rd70
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Nelson, Betty70(10.2mi @ 11:31/mi)240
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:36:202nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:47:002nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:34:052nd80
Walberg, Cheryl73(3.1mi @ 18:24/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:57:023rd70
Male, <= 19  
Ramirez, Austin15(31.9mi @ 12:05/mi)341
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:42:157th30
 Nutri-Run 20K02:31:291st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:32:366th40
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:41:342nd80
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:24:576th40
 Runners On Parade 5K00:32:20Finisher1
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Brock, Devin14(31.9mi @ 12:59/mi)301
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:42:106th40
 Nutri-Run 20K02:51:062nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:36:247th30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:45:293rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:24:587th30
 Runners On Parade 5K00:33:57Finisher1
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Witmer, Nathaniel18(12.4mi @ 06:27/mi)300
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:551st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:40:521st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:18:151st100
Kolvoord, Bryce13(12.4mi @ 06:42/mi)220
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:20:332nd80
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:42:512nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:19:384th60
Kolvoord, Bradlee16(12.4mi @ 07:12/mi)200
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:20:071st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:46:043rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:23:037th30
Kolvoord, Branden15(12.4mi @ 07:01/mi)180
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:20:583rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:46:104th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:19:505th50
Brand, Jeremiah7(15.5mi @ 11:41/mi)161
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:39:445th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:264th60
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:08:585th50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:40:54Finisher1
Gongwer, Ian14(6.2mi @ 06:35/mi)160
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:21:572nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:18:502nd80
Strunk, Jakob13(7.1mi @ 09:59/mi)150
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:445th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:091st100
Broerman, Keaton16(6.2mi @ 07:02/mi)110
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:373rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:20:006th40
Deckard, Jack13(6.2mi @ 09:32/mi)80
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:154th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:27:528th20
Weaver, Logan15(3.1mi @ 06:16/mi)70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:19:263rd70
Deckard, Josiah11(3.1mi @ 15:22/mi)20
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:47:398th20
Veerkamp, Sam6(3.1mi @ 09:11/mi)10
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:279th10
Male, 20 - 24  
Beckmann, Mark20(3.1mi @ 04:57/mi)100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:15:211st100
Hernandez, Paul24(3.1mi @ 07:37/mi)100
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:381st100
Male, 25 - 29  
Boyer, Dave29(28.8mi @ 06:48/mi)510
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:19:381st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:27:521st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:26:451st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:42:272nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:19:012nd80
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Kilmer, Austin26(15.5mi @ 06:07/mi)380
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:21:452nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:17:581st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:38:041st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:16:561st100
Schreiber, Alex29(15.5mi @ 11:20/mi)130
 Nutri-Run 20K02:28:082nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:27:325th50
Willis, Jacob29(6.2mi @ 08:16/mi)130
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:023rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:25:114th60
Lill, David26(3.1mi @ 06:33/mi)70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:20:173rd70
Male, 30 - 34  
Amburgey, Phillip34(31.9mi @ 10:18/mi)380
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:27:176th40
 Nutri-Run 20K02:18:516th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:28:312nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:35:564th60
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:09:222nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:287th30
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Cutter, Tommy32(22.6mi @ 06:35/mi)380
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:032nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:24:471st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:25:171st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:18:451st100
Doepner, Mark34(22.6mi @ 07:26/mi)320
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:19:191st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:41:283rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:26:052nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:21:023rd70
Bartlett, Justin32(16.4mi @ 08:14/mi)270
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:425th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:573rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:58:351st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:21:455th50
Stratton, Pete30(9.3mi @ 06:34/mi)250
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:143rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:21:071st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:19:442nd80
Zumstein, Tim33(15.5mi @ 07:43/mi)190
 Nutri-Run 20K01:38:222nd80
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:21:074th60
Deal, Mike30(9.3mi @ 19:37/mi)120
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:58:007th30
 Mastodon Stomp 5K01:01:473rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K01:02:388th20
Dewinter, Michael32(15.5mi @ 08:30/mi)120
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:344th60
 Nutri-Run 20K01:48:114th60
Morris, Doug34(12.4mi @ 09:18/mi)50
 Nutri-Run 20K01:55:155th50
Grebe, Michael31(3.1mi @ 09:06/mi)40
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:116th40
Male, 35 - 39  
Herald, Matthew38(19.5mi @ 08:27/mi)340
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:436th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:24:372nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:31:476th40
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:58:235th50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:23:092nd80
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Maloney, Benjamin35(28.8mi @ 08:29/mi)340
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:145th50
 Nutri-Run 20K01:52:595th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:415th50
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:53:143rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:23:093rd70
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Nidlinger, Jeff37(13.3mi @ 05:58/mi)300
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:24:011st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:38:171st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:17:051st100
Hopkins, Mark37(25.7mi @ 08:22/mi)270
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:21:504th60
 Nutri-Run 20K01:50:434th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:29:263rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:53:072nd80
Veerkamp, Greg37(18.6mi @ 07:32/mi)220
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:19:592nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:31:432nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:284th60
Brand, Marquice35(15.5mi @ 14:03/mi)170
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:43:058th20
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:43:573rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:29:166th40
 Runners On Parade 5K00:41:266th40
Snitzer, Adam39(10.2mi @ 12:04/mi)160
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:34:557th30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:49:437th30
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:38:255th50
Baker, Shawn36(10.2mi @ 08:16/mi)120
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:234th60
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:53:584th60
Fisk, Edward37(12.4mi @ 07:19/mi)100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:30:431st100
Fitzmaurice, Jake35(3.1mi @ 06:35/mi)100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:20:261st100
Shafer, Casey36(3.1mi @ 06:05/mi)100
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:18:511st100
Clagg, Jason39(4mi @ 06:30/mi)80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:26:012nd80
Johnson, Calum37(12.4mi @ 08:53/mi)70
 Nutri-Run 20K01:50:053rd70
LaMaster, Jeff35(3.1mi @ 06:43/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:483rd70
Male, 40 - 44  
Thomas, Brad42(21.7mi @ 07:51/mi)310
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:342nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:45:403rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:21:121st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:22:494th60
Kaufman, Chris40(18.6mi @ 06:16/mi)300
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:18:551st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:19:341st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:18:101st100
Strunk, Dan41(25.7mi @ 09:27/mi)290
 Nutri-Run 20K01:51:464th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:35:064th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:103rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:56:561st100
Cechvala, Joe44(15.5mi @ 10:14/mi)230
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:30:106th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:253rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:09:462nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:176th40
Grubisich, Benjamin40(7.1mi @ 06:56/mi)230
 Fanny Freezer 5KVolunteer50
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer0
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:21:402nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:27:341st100
Broerman, Dave44(7.1mi @ 06:58/mi)190
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:21:384th60
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:27:492nd80
 Runners On Parade 5KVolunteer0
Cardelli, Michael44(15.5mi @ 08:30/mi)130
 Nutri-Run 20K01:43:462nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:055th50
Kelley, Matt42(6.2mi @ 07:09/mi)120
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:22:195th50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:22:013rd70
Delaney, Dan41(3.1mi @ 07:03/mi)80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:21:502nd80
Parker, Matthew40(3.1mi @ 06:42/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:453rd70
Sullivan, Todd43 50
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer50
Male, 45 - 49  
Shafer, Noel49(15.5mi @ 06:45/mi)380
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:19:051st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:19:171st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:48:182nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:17:571st100
Schuckel, David46(19.5mi @ 07:34/mi)370
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:406th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:093rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:28:222nd80
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:50:113rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:21:114th60
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Galassini, Tony46(19.5mi @ 07:47/mi)360
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:21:333rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:22:082nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:205th50
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:50:344th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:21:185th50
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Hardin, Tom46(25.7mi @ 06:54/mi)360
 Nutri-Run 20K01:32:502nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:24:421st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:40:571st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:18:452nd80
Junk, Jeff46(25.7mi @ 08:13/mi)320
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:544th60
 Nutri-Run 20K01:50:074th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:24:186th40
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:143rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:22:266th40
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Doak, Christian45(31.9mi @ 09:50/mi)270
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:47:209th10
 Nutri-Run 20K02:01:096th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:25:457th30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:32:424th60
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:02:255th50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:24:327th30
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Murphy, Frank47(24.8mi @ 10:09/mi)270
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:585th50
 Nutri-Run 20K01:46:533rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:104th60
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:37:306th40
 Runners On Parade 5KVolunteer50
Marucci, Rob46(15.5mi @ 07:12/mi)180
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:292nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:31:061st100
Hubler, Chaz48(18.6mi @ 08:48/mi)130
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:25:177th30
 Nutri-Run 20K01:55:185th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:145th50
Else, Mike47(3.1mi @ 06:48/mi)70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:21:053rd70
Anderson, Scott47(3.1mi @ 08:25/mi)20
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:058th20
Gillie, Sam46(3.1mi @ 09:09/mi)20
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:228th20
Male, 50 - 54  
Yoder, Eugene50(31.9mi @ 07:27/mi)530
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:491st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:39:102nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:22:423rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:27:362nd80
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:47:073rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:20:172nd80
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Witmer, Mark50(19.5mi @ 07:00/mi)500
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:552nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:21:051st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:27:453rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:46:371st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:20:071st100
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
McGuire, Dan53(31.9mi @ 08:33/mi)390
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:215th50
 Nutri-Run 20K01:51:143rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:574th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:32:185th50
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:57:414th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:24:135th50
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Sutter, Richard51(16.4mi @ 07:17/mi)280
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:21:514th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:22:012nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:28:214th60
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:47:052nd80
Reed, Clark50(16.4mi @ 06:11/mi)250
 Fanny Freezer 5KVolunteer50
 Nutri-Run 20K01:17:091st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:24:181st100
Gray, Phillip52(31.9mi @ 12:33/mi)202
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:36:31Finisher1
 Nutri-Run 20K02:54:497th30
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:36:517th30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:45:286th40
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:15:215th50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:31:13Finisher1
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Echols, Jim50(21.7mi @ 09:42/mi)170
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:25:497th30
 Nutri-Run 20K02:13:504th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:25:446th40
 Runners On Parade 5K00:24:576th40
Hevel, Greg54(3.1mi @ 07:06/mi)120
 Fanny Freezer 5KVolunteer50
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer0
 Runners On Parade 5K00:22:013rd70
Emley, Matt52(6.2mi @ 07:53/mi)110
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:24:575th50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:23:584th60
Christie, Erwin53(10.2mi @ 15:10/mi)101
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:46:39Finisher1
 Mastodon Stomp 5K01:01:448th20
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:46:217th30
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer50
Grieze, Rick53(3.1mi @ 06:51/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:21:153rd70
Smead, Jeff51(15.5mi @ 11:21/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:038th20
 Nutri-Run 20K02:30:005th50
Martin, Dave52(13.3mi @ 14:27/mi)61
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:39:09Finisher1
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:52:368th20
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:40:246th40
Walter, Mark51(3.1mi @ 07:37/mi)40
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:376th40
Saalfrank, Tim54(12.4mi @ 13:44/mi)40
 Nutri-Run 20K02:50:186th40
Moya, Ward53(3.1mi @ 08:20/mi)30
 Runners On Parade 5K00:25:487th30
Manoloff, Marshall54(3.1mi @ 09:32/mi)20
 Runners On Parade 5K00:29:338th20
Berry, Jim54(3.1mi @ 09:49/mi)10
 Runners On Parade 5K00:30:249th10
Greer, Kent52(3.1mi @ 08:29/mi)10
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:189th10
McKenna, Joe54(6.2mi @ 12:47/mi)2
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:43:59Finisher1
 Runners On Parade 5K00:35:14Finisher1
Male, 55 - 59  
Deford, Chuck57(31.9mi @ 07:18/mi)520
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:25:185th50
 Nutri-Run 20K01:35:232nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:21:371st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:26:322nd80
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:43:172nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:20:322nd80
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Leffers, Steve56(25.7mi @ 06:28/mi)400
 Nutri-Run 20K01:23:181st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:24:511st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:39:291st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:18:221st100
Slaubaugh, Mike56(31.9mi @ 09:08/mi)360
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:566th40
 Nutri-Run 20K02:06:545th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:25:365th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:32:136th40
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:56:233rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:23:154th60
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Heim, Steve55(22.6mi @ 07:49/mi)290
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:22:572nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:40:213rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:262nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:29:584th60
Stange, Ed58(21.7mi @ 08:19/mi)230
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:424th60
 Nutri-Run 20K01:47:534th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:24:414th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:23:215th50
Conrad, Michael58(6.2mi @ 07:45/mi)140
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:143rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:493rd70
Oliver, Bill59(7.1mi @ 07:08/mi)140
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:29:153rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:21:203rd70
Roeger, Michael58(25.7mi @ 11:49/mi)132
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:33:45Finisher1
 Nutri-Run 20K02:40:057th30
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:318th20
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:43:467th30
 Runners On Parade 5K00:32:46Finisher1
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Paugh, Gary59(18.6mi @ 11:03/mi)110
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:317th30
 Nutri-Run 20K02:25:216th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:486th40
Osborn, Gregg55(3.1mi @ 06:34/mi)100
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:221st100
Metzger, Jeffrey56 50
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer50
Keane, Brian56(6.2mi @ 09:34/mi)50
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:30:358th20
 Runners On Parade 5K00:28:447th30
Beuchel, Pat58(4mi @ 07:36/mi)50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:255th50
Myers, Gregory55(9.3mi @ 09:56/mi)50
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:559th10
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:517th30
 Runners On Parade 5K00:29:369th10
Feipel, Fred56(22.6mi @ 15:06/mi)42
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:43:26Finisher1
 Nutri-Run 20K03:26:548th20
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:40:24Finisher1
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:50:408th20
Overdahl, Michael56(3.1mi @ 08:00/mi)40
 Runners On Parade 5K00:24:466th40
Arnett, Larry56(3.1mi @ 09:28/mi)20
 Runners On Parade 5K00:29:198th20
Verduce, John55(6.2mi @ 11:10/mi)11
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:33:51Finisher1
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:35:269th10
Heim, John58(3.1mi @ 09:41/mi)1
 Runners On Parade 5K00:30:01Finisher1
Male, 60 - 64  
Piropato, Len62(28.8mi @ 08:07/mi)510
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:141st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:46:232nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:122nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:29:223rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:50:452nd80
 Runners On Parade 5KVolunteer50
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Schmunk, Gary62(28.8mi @ 07:32/mi)510
 Nutri-Run 20K01:36:471st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:051st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:28:202nd80
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:47:041st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:21:372nd80
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Clendenen, Mike62(24.8mi @ 10:35/mi)280
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:214th60
 Nutri-Run 20K02:08:394th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:37:166th40
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:07:083rd70
 Runners On Parade 5KVolunteer50
Baker, Cecil64(31.9mi @ 16:21/mi)270
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:48:376th40
 Nutri-Run 20K03:37:296th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:45:018th20
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:04:456th40
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:39:184th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:46:078th20
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Murphy, Timothy62(31.9mi @ 19:46/mi)201
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:58:017th30
 Nutri-Run 20K04:16:167th30
 Mastodon Stomp 5K01:01:48Finisher1
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:16:407th30
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:56:015th50
 Runners On Parade 5K01:01:479th10
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Dickerman, Richard60(18.6mi @ 10:30/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:202nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K02:23:045th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:25:563rd70
Furkis, Mark61(7.1mi @ 06:05/mi)200
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:24:491st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:18:191st100
Rohleder, Jeffrey60(18.6mi @ 09:24/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:27:563rd70
 Nutri-Run 20K02:00:303rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:26:224th60
Kinder, Joseph61(10.2mi @ 11:23/mi)140
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:36:075th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:45:495th50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:34:076th40
Gildner, Raymond F60(3.1mi @ 07:18/mi)120
 JP Jones Just Plain 10KVolunteer50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:22:363rd70
Hilker, Stephen61(7.1mi @ 08:42/mi)120
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:35:004th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:26:444th60
Bobay, Craig60 50
 Runners On Parade 5KVolunteer50
Michael, Mark61(3.1mi @ 11:00/mi)50
 Runners On Parade 5K00:34:065th50
Peters, Rex60(3.1mi @ 09:52/mi)50
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:30:355th50
Fuller, Steve60(6.2mi @ 14:12/mi)40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:45:029th10
 Runners On Parade 5K00:43:027th30
Blanchette, Kerry63(3.1mi @ 12:23/mi)30
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:38:227th30
Male, 65 - 69  
Kingsbery, Roger67(31.9mi @ 08:29/mi)570
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:582nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:52:362nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:572nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:591st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:55:442nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:23:151st100
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Pearson, Jed65(27.9mi @ 08:15/mi)470
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:543rd70
 Nutri-Run 20K01:45:181st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:25:063rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:51:171st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:23:252nd80
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Greider, Steve67(31.9mi @ 17:33/mi)420
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:46:106th40
 Nutri-Run 20K04:04:133rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:49:394th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:06:463rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:48:433rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:44:244th60
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Bashor, Donald66(6.2mi @ 07:14/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:22:201st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:22:311st100
Alberding, James66(7.1mi @ 11:26/mi)140
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:33:454th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:47:222nd80
Michel, Bob69(3.1mi @ 08:24/mi)70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:26:023rd70
Lawson, Robert69(3.1mi @ 11:28/mi)50
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:35:345th50
Male, >= 70  
Bruckner, Robert71(27.9mi @ 09:34/mi)550
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:25:461st100
 Nutri-Run 20K02:13:491st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:26:001st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K00:55:561st100
 Runners On Parade 5K00:25:341st100
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Burgette, Bernie73(19.5mi @ 10:22/mi)490
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:023rd70
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:303rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:341st100
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:10:062nd80
 Runners On Parade 5K00:30:023rd70
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Harris, Bill78(19.5mi @ 10:37/mi)390
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:32:525th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:044th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:582nd80
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:11:363rd70
 Runners On Parade 5K00:29:372nd80
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Stephenson, Rich70(28.8mi @ 13:35/mi)380
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:36:406th40
 Nutri-Run 20K03:08:252nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:37:115th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:47:074th60
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:21:385th50
 Runners On Parade 5KVolunteer50
 Bonus: Five Finishes1 x 5050
Harnly, Dick79(16.4mi @ 11:49/mi)210
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:37:047th30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:45:143rd70
 JP Jones Just Plain 10K01:18:164th60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:33:175th50
Thompson, Gerald70(6.2mi @ 10:00/mi)140
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:044th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:592nd80
Walberg, David71(3.1mi @ 09:08/mi)80
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:182nd80
Cutshall, Dean73(3.1mi @ 09:51/mi)60
 Runners On Parade 5K00:30:304th60
Peterson, Barrie74(3.1mi @ 10:54/mi)40
 Runners On Parade 5K00:33:486th40