2017 Points Standings

For eligibility rules and awarding of points: http://www.fortwaynerunningclub.org/join-members/points-races-1

If you have any corrections or feedback, please contact the Points Coordinator,
Frank Murphy (points@fwtc.org)

Female, <= 19Female, 20 - 24Female, 25 - 29Female, 30 - 34
Female, 35 - 39Female, 40 - 44Female, 45 - 49Female, 50 - 54
Female, 55 - 59Female, 60 - 64Female, 65 - 69Female, >= 70

Male, <= 19Male, 20 - 24Male, 25 - 29Male, 30 - 34
Male, 35 - 39Male, 40 - 44Male, 45 - 49Male, 50 - 54
Male, 55 - 59Male, 60 - 64Male, 65 - 69Male, >= 70

Note: Names in italics are currently eligible for the IronRunner award.

Female, <= 19  
Louis, Taylor11(22.6mi @ 10:21/mi)340
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:053rd70
 Nutri-Run 20K02:17:321st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:493rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:221st100
Beber, Alexandra11(10.2mi @ 09:41/mi)250
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:134th60
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:554th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:352nd80
Witmer, Gretchen14(6.2mi @ 07:44/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:461st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:24:111st100
Broerman, Julia14(3.1mi @ 07:47/mi)80
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:082nd80
Sheefel, Elizabeth19(6.2mi @ 13:20/mi)80
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:40:256th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:42:126th40
Sheefel, Leah10(6.2mi @ 13:20/mi)80
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:40:245th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:42:177th30
Sroufe, Skye11(3.1mi @ 09:31/mi)80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:29:302nd80
Strunk, Abigail11(3.1mi @ 11:19/mi)50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:35:065th50
Deckard, Addison9(3.1mi @ 15:15/mi)30
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:47:157th30
Brand, Jazmyne12(3.1mi @ 17:50/mi)20
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:55:188th20
Female, 20 - 24  
Gray, Kathy23(22.6mi @ 13:52/mi)380
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:36:322nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K03:12:061st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:38:251st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:46:171st100
Berghoff, Robin24(7.1mi @ 14:45/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:46:123rd70
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:58:292nd80
Hartig, Kelsey24(3.1mi @ 09:17/mi)100
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:471st100
Female, 25 - 29  
Hoffman, Hannah25(22.6mi @ 06:44/mi)400
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:19:431st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:25:501st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:21:051st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:25:391st100
Klueter, Natalie25(22.6mi @ 10:35/mi)310
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:30:343rd70
 Nutri-Run 20K02:18:112nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:102nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:072nd80
Regan, Michelle29(22.6mi @ 11:43/mi)240
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:33:266th40
 Nutri-Run 20K02:34:573rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:434th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:42:483rd70
Hamilton, Carmen25(18.6mi @ 11:57/mi)210
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:162nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K02:40:534th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:103rd70
Chevalier, Natalie29(3.1mi @ 10:33/mi)60
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:32:414th60
Martin, Mollie26(4mi @ 14:59/mi)60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:59:564th60
Herron, Kalissa29(3.1mi @ 12:23/mi)50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:38:225th50
Perryman, Lisa25(3.1mi @ 10:36/mi)50
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:32:525th50
Schloss, Liz28 50
 Fanny Freezer 5KVolunteer50
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer0
Female, 30 - 34  
Van Naarden, Kimberly32(22.6mi @ 08:04/mi)400
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:22:001st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:48:071st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:041st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:29:111st100
Warrix, Meghan30(22.6mi @ 09:52/mi)300
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:213rd70
 Nutri-Run 20K02:08:262nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:29:202nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:583rd70
Bell, Rebecca34(7.1mi @ 09:05/mi)160
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:27:512nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:392nd80
Ihrie, Nicole34(7.1mi @ 13:32/mi)120
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:42:033rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:54:005th50
Kaufman, Sasha31(7.1mi @ 12:54/mi)110
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:39:115th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:52:244th60
French-Willis, Tina33(3.1mi @ 10:58/mi)60
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:33:594th60
Female, 35 - 39  
Snare, Leslie38(22.6mi @ 09:48/mi)270
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:135th50
 Nutri-Run 20K02:09:203rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:27:462nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:35:063rd70
Galassini, Michelle38(10.2mi @ 08:46/mi)240
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:25:571st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:27:111st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:216th40
Schenkel, Tammy35(22.6mi @ 10:34/mi)210
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:27:082nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K02:26:135th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:28:535th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:407th30
Garrelts, Teri38(12.4mi @ 07:56/mi)150
 Fanny Freezer 5KVolunteer50
 Nutri-Run 20K01:38:251st100
DeBuck, Rachel39(19.5mi @ 09:43/mi)141
 Nutri-Run 20K02:01:542nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:28:474th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:38:38Finisher1
Erickson-Pesetski, Stacy39(7.1mi @ 09:02/mi)120
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:244th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:35:434th60
Herald, Amanda37(22.6mi @ 11:08/mi)120
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:217th30
 Nutri-Run 20K02:33:416th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:29:576th40
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:38:319th10
Maloney, Kelly36(7.1mi @ 09:04/mi)120
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:063rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:155th50
Gaff, Hidi36(4mi @ 06:49/mi)100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:27:151st100
Dennis, Sarah36(15.5mi @ 11:01/mi)80
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:30:198th20
 Nutri-Run 20K02:20:284th60
Tse, Carmen39(4mi @ 08:14/mi)80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:32:542nd80
Pfeiffer, Emily35(3.1mi @ 09:09/mi)70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:28:213rd70
Sheefel, Michelle35(10.2mi @ 09:46/mi)60
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:30:399th10
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:297th30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:37:288th20
Hartman, Stacey37 50
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
Willems-Akers, Mary35(3.1mi @ 09:27/mi)40
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:186th40
Doepner, Lesley37(3.1mi @ 11:36/mi)20
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:35:588th20
Tyler, Desirea38(3.1mi @ 15:53/mi)10
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:49:159th10
Goodrich, Lana37(3.1mi @ 11:51/mi)1
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:36:45Finisher1
Bernard, Emily39(4mi @ 13:44/mi)1
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:54:57Finisher1
Female, 40 - 44  
Brown, Sherry43(22.6mi @ 10:54/mi)280
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:213rd70
 Nutri-Run 20K02:27:473rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:152nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:38:074th60
Felger, Janice44(22.6mi @ 10:36/mi)280
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:494th60
 Nutri-Run 20K02:18:332nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:573rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:37:233rd70
Blasius, Katrina41(10.2mi @ 10:51/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:45:038th20
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:28:441st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:512nd80
Clements, Bridget43(22.6mi @ 11:29/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:245th50
 Nutri-Run 20K02:33:345th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:34:094th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:40:346th40
Sites, Amy Jo41(7.1mi @ 08:11/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:531st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:33:161st100
Sayler, Kris44(19.5mi @ 11:07/mi)190
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:312nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K02:28:214th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:555th50
Lubbehusen, Connie44(22.6mi @ 12:26/mi)160
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:35:106th40
 Nutri-Run 20K02:46:576th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:35:585th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:43:057th30
Junk, Sandra43(12.4mi @ 10:14/mi)100
 Nutri-Run 20K02:06:521st100
Dennis, Amanda41 50
 Fanny Freezer 5KVolunteer50
Labenberg, Anne Marie41(3.1mi @ 12:43/mi)30
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:39:257th30
Female, 45 - 49  
Louis, Karen48(22.6mi @ 10:17/mi)300
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:061st100
 Nutri-Run 20K02:17:313rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:495th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:35:082nd80
Rowan, Debby49(22.6mi @ 11:03/mi)260
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:085th50
 Nutri-Run 20K02:27:444th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:242nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:283rd70
Schaefer, Marcia46(22.6mi @ 11:14/mi)220
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:316th40
 Nutri-Run 20K02:31:105th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:373rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:414th60
Hardin, Cari45(16.4mi @ 08:40/mi)180
 Nutri-Run 20K01:51:062nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:571st100
Love, Shellie48(22.6mi @ 11:27/mi)170
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:32:438th20
 Nutri-Run 20K02:31:576th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:094th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:40:555th50
McAlary, Amy48(6.2mi @ 09:28/mi)170
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:363rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:061st100
Martin, Kim48(22.6mi @ 15:17/mi)120
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:377th30
 Nutri-Run 20K03:34:257th30
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:49:078th20
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:50:146th40
Brooks, Tracy47(12.4mi @ 08:26/mi)100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:44:401st100
Harding, Kim46(6.2mi @ 14:44/mi)81
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:46:38Finisher1
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:44:427th30
King, Tammy45(3.1mi @ 08:26/mi)80
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:102nd80
Doak, Dawn45(10.2mi @ 14:26/mi)71
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:47:19Finisher1
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:42:166th40
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:57:337th30
Morgan, Susan48(3.1mi @ 09:17/mi)60
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:464th60
Brady, Erin45 50
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
Christie, Tina48(10.2mi @ 19:01/mi)31
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:57:59Finisher1
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:59:409th10
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:16:188th20
Jackson, Tabatha49(3.1mi @ 12:33/mi)10
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:38:559th10
Female, 50 - 54  
Pusey, Cathy51(22.6mi @ 08:46/mi)320
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:25:402nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:55:243rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:24:561st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:32:183rd70
McGovern, Cindy52(19.5mi @ 08:17/mi)280
 Nutri-Run 20K01:45:391st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:25:422nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:031st100
Osborn, Ellen53(19.5mi @ 08:20/mi)260
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:111st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:47:212nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:492nd80
Heim, Lori52(10.2mi @ 12:03/mi)210
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:39:125th50
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:37:105th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:46:364th60
Clancy, Belinda52(18.6mi @ 11:27/mi)180
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:294th60
 Nutri-Run 20K02:31:414th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:524th60
Richardson, Kimberly53(22.6mi @ 15:23/mi)180
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:41:356th40
 Nutri-Run 20K03:34:285th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:40:146th40
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:51:275th50
Konkle, Sherrie53(7.1mi @ 13:15/mi)110
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:503rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:03:146th40
Seigel, Debbie51(3.1mi @ 09:28/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:223rd70
Deal, Jenny54 50
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
Female, 55 - 59  
Kinder, Melinda56(19.5mi @ 09:56/mi)230
 Nutri-Run 20K02:06:542nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:243rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:162nd80
Myers, Jackie56(10.2mi @ 10:00/mi)190
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:543rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:514th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:164th60
Kosberg, Karen55(15.5mi @ 08:28/mi)180
 Nutri-Run 20K01:45:421st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:25:392nd80
Wilson, Linda58(15.5mi @ 10:47/mi)170
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:171st100
 Nutri-Run 20K02:17:573rd70
Verduce, Cindy55(18.6mi @ 13:11/mi)140
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:37:005th50
 Nutri-Run 20K02:49:355th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:38:426th40
Browning, Benita59(22.6mi @ 17:56/mi)140
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:47:137th30
 Nutri-Run 20K04:13:167th30
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:47:287th30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:57:155th50
Berghoff, Kathy55(10.2mi @ 15:56/mi)120
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:47:518th20
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:51:539th10
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:02:496th40
Conrad, Denise55(3.1mi @ 06:54/mi)100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:21:241st100
Petcoff, Deanna56(4mi @ 08:19/mi)100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:33:161st100
Bultemeier, Anita57(3.1mi @ 10:05/mi)80
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:162nd80
Ramirez, Lisa57(22.6mi @ 18:48/mi)80
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:49:169th10
 Nutri-Run 20K04:17:368th20
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:50:588th20
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:07:137th30
Best, Helen58(4mi @ 09:20/mi)70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:37:183rd70
Greider, Betty56(22.6mi @ 18:24/mi)62
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:50:44Finisher1
 Nutri-Run 20K04:04:526th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:52:21Finisher1
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:07:568th20
Dobis, Carol55(12.4mi @ 13:09/mi)60
 Nutri-Run 20K02:43:094th60
Kroeger, Sue57(3.1mi @ 11:08/mi)60
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:34:304th60
Koenemann, Susan59(3.1mi @ 10:16/mi)50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:505th50
Tillapaugh, Judy58 50
 Fanny Freezer 5KVolunteer50
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer0
Muncy, Bobbi56(3.1mi @ 14:47/mi)40
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:45:506th40
Female, 60 - 64  
Cornwell, Cynthia62(19.5mi @ 09:36/mi)300
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:131st100
 Nutri-Run 20K02:06:531st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:34:101st100
Voors, Mary61(22.6mi @ 16:43/mi)270
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:53:425th50
 Nutri-Run 20K03:41:592nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:45:192nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:56:534th60
Murphy, Beverly62(7.1mi @ 10:18/mi)220
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:32:021st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:41:043rd70
Gripp, Christy60(7.1mi @ 10:23/mi)160
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:34:512nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:38:552nd80
Alberding, Linda61(7.1mi @ 13:47/mi)110
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:40:424th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:57:105th50
Wyatt, Joni63(3.1mi @ 11:48/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:36:353rd70
Coon, Laura60(3.1mi @ 17:19/mi)40
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:53:426th40
Female, 65 - 69  
Wearley, Barb67(10.2mi @ 10:37/mi)280
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:33:331st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:071st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:41:322nd80
Nidlinger, Sherry66(7.1mi @ 12:48/mi)150
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:39:002nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:51:543rd70
Verstynen, Susan66(4mi @ 10:00/mi)100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:591st100
Female, >= 70  
Jedrek-Lehman, Patricia70(22.6mi @ 11:37/mi)400
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:35:011st100
 Nutri-Run 20K02:30:011st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:34:141st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:43:231st100
Scrogham, Barb70(22.6mi @ 15:49/mi)300
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:38:192nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K03:34:252nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:49:073rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:55:353rd70
Nelson, Betty70(7.1mi @ 11:44/mi)160
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:36:202nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:47:002nd80
Walberg, Cheryl73(3.1mi @ 18:24/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:57:023rd70
Male, <= 19  
Ramirez, Austin15(22.6mi @ 11:51/mi)250
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:42:157th30
 Nutri-Run 20K02:31:291st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:32:366th40
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:41:342nd80
Brock, Devin14(22.6mi @ 13:04/mi)220
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:42:106th40
 Nutri-Run 20K02:51:062nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:36:247th30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:45:293rd70
Strunk, Jakob13(7.1mi @ 09:59/mi)150
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:445th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:091st100
Brand, Jeremiah7(6.2mi @ 11:29/mi)110
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:39:445th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:264th60
Kolvoord, Bradlee16(3.1mi @ 06:29/mi)100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:20:071st100
Witmer, Nathaniel18(3.1mi @ 06:45/mi)100
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:551st100
Gongwer, Ian14(3.1mi @ 07:05/mi)80
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:21:572nd80
Kolvoord, Bryce13(3.1mi @ 06:38/mi)80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:20:332nd80
Broerman, Keaton16(3.1mi @ 07:37/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:373rd70
Kolvoord, Branden15(3.1mi @ 06:46/mi)70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:20:583rd70
Deckard, Jack13(3.1mi @ 10:05/mi)60
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:154th60
Deckard, Josiah11(3.1mi @ 15:22/mi)20
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:47:398th20
Male, 20 - 24  
Hernandez, Paul24(3.1mi @ 07:37/mi)100
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:381st100
Male, 25 - 29  
Boyer, Dave29(19.5mi @ 06:53/mi)300
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:19:381st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:27:521st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:26:451st100
Kilmer, Austin26(6.2mi @ 06:24/mi)180
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:21:452nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:17:581st100
Schreiber, Alex29(12.4mi @ 11:57/mi)80
 Nutri-Run 20K02:28:082nd80
Willis, Jacob29(3.1mi @ 08:24/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:023rd70
Male, 30 - 34  
Cutter, Tommy32(19.5mi @ 06:40/mi)280
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:032nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:24:471st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:25:171st100
Doepner, Mark34(19.5mi @ 07:32/mi)250
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:19:191st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:41:283rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:26:052nd80
Amburgey, Phillip34(22.6mi @ 10:12/mi)220
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:27:176th40
 Nutri-Run 20K02:18:516th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:28:312nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:35:564th60
Stratton, Pete30(6.2mi @ 06:40/mi)170
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:143rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:21:071st100
Bartlett, Justin32(7.1mi @ 07:42/mi)120
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:425th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:573rd70
Dewinter, Michael32(15.5mi @ 08:30/mi)120
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:344th60
 Nutri-Run 20K01:48:114th60
Deal, Mike30(6.2mi @ 19:19/mi)100
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:58:007th30
 Mastodon Stomp 5K01:01:473rd70
Zumstein, Tim33(12.4mi @ 07:56/mi)80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:38:222nd80
Morris, Doug34(12.4mi @ 09:18/mi)50
 Nutri-Run 20K01:55:155th50
Male, 35 - 39  
Hopkins, Mark37(19.5mi @ 08:18/mi)190
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:21:504th60
 Nutri-Run 20K01:50:434th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:29:263rd70
Herald, Matthew38(10.2mi @ 08:09/mi)160
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:436th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:24:372nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:31:476th40
Veerkamp, Greg37(15.5mi @ 07:12/mi)160
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:19:592nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:31:432nd80
Maloney, Benjamin35(19.5mi @ 08:37/mi)150
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:145th50
 Nutri-Run 20K01:52:595th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:415th50
Fisk, Edward37(12.4mi @ 07:19/mi)100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:30:431st100
Fitzmaurice, Jake35(3.1mi @ 06:35/mi)100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:20:261st100
Nidlinger, Jeff37(4mi @ 06:00/mi)100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:24:011st100
Shafer, Casey36(3.1mi @ 06:05/mi)100
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:18:511st100
Brand, Marquice35(6.2mi @ 14:02/mi)90
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:43:058th20
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:43:573rd70
Clagg, Jason39(4mi @ 06:30/mi)80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:26:012nd80
Johnson, Calum37(12.4mi @ 08:53/mi)70
 Nutri-Run 20K01:50:053rd70
LaMaster, Jeff35(3.1mi @ 06:43/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:483rd70
Baker, Shawn36(4mi @ 07:36/mi)60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:234th60
Snitzer, Adam39(7.1mi @ 11:55/mi)60
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:34:557th30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:49:437th30
Male, 40 - 44  
Thomas, Brad42(18.6mi @ 07:56/mi)250
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:342nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:45:403rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:21:121st100
Grubisich, Benjamin40(7.1mi @ 06:56/mi)230
 Fanny Freezer 5KVolunteer50
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer0
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:21:402nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:27:341st100
Kaufman, Chris40(15.5mi @ 06:21/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:18:551st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:19:341st100
Broerman, Dave44(7.1mi @ 06:58/mi)190
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:21:384th60
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:27:492nd80
Strunk, Dan41(19.5mi @ 09:32/mi)190
 Nutri-Run 20K01:51:464th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:35:064th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:103rd70
Cechvala, Joe44(6.2mi @ 09:46/mi)110
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:30:106th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:253rd70
Cardelli, Michael44(12.4mi @ 08:22/mi)80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:43:462nd80
Parker, Matthew40(3.1mi @ 06:42/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:453rd70
Kelley, Matt42(3.1mi @ 07:12/mi)50
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:22:195th50
Male, 45 - 49  
Junk, Jeff46(22.6mi @ 08:21/mi)230
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:544th60
 Nutri-Run 20K01:50:074th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:24:186th40
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:143rd70
Galassini, Tony46(10.2mi @ 07:51/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:21:333rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:22:082nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:36:205th50
Shafer, Noel49(6.2mi @ 06:11/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:19:051st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:19:171st100
Schuckel, David46(10.2mi @ 07:28/mi)190
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:406th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:093rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:28:222nd80
Hardin, Tom46(16.4mi @ 07:10/mi)180
 Nutri-Run 20K01:32:502nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:24:421st100
Marucci, Rob46(15.5mi @ 07:12/mi)180
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:292nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:31:061st100
Murphy, Frank47(18.6mi @ 08:17/mi)180
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:585th50
 Nutri-Run 20K01:46:533rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:104th60
Doak, Christian45(22.6mi @ 10:02/mi)140
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:47:209th10
 Nutri-Run 20K02:01:096th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:25:457th30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:32:424th60
Hubler, Chaz48(18.6mi @ 08:48/mi)130
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:25:177th30
 Nutri-Run 20K01:55:185th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:145th50
Anderson, Scott47(3.1mi @ 08:25/mi)20
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:058th20
Male, 50 - 54  
Yoder, Eugene50(22.6mi @ 07:32/mi)330
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:491st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:39:102nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:22:423rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:27:362nd80
Reed, Clark50(16.4mi @ 06:11/mi)250
 Fanny Freezer 5KVolunteer50
 Nutri-Run 20K01:17:091st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:24:181st100
Witmer, Mark50(10.2mi @ 06:50/mi)250
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:552nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:21:051st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:27:453rd70
McGuire, Dan53(22.6mi @ 08:27/mi)230
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:215th50
 Nutri-Run 20K01:51:143rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:574th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:32:185th50
Sutter, Richard51(10.2mi @ 07:05/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:21:514th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:22:012nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:28:214th60
Echols, Jim50(18.6mi @ 09:58/mi)130
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:25:497th30
 Nutri-Run 20K02:13:504th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:25:446th40
Gray, Phillip52(22.6mi @ 13:00/mi)101
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:36:31Finisher1
 Nutri-Run 20K02:54:497th30
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:36:517th30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:45:286th40
Grieze, Rick53(3.1mi @ 06:51/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:21:153rd70
Smead, Jeff51(15.5mi @ 11:21/mi)70
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:038th20
 Nutri-Run 20K02:30:005th50
Christie, Erwin53(10.2mi @ 15:10/mi)51
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:46:39Finisher1
 Mastodon Stomp 5K01:01:448th20
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:46:217th30
Hevel, Greg54 50
 Fanny Freezer 5KVolunteer50
Emley, Matt52(3.1mi @ 08:03/mi)50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:24:575th50
Saalfrank, Tim54(12.4mi @ 13:44/mi)40
 Nutri-Run 20K02:50:186th40
Walter, Mark51(3.1mi @ 07:37/mi)40
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:376th40
Martin, Dave52(7.1mi @ 12:55/mi)21
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:39:09Finisher1
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:52:368th20
Greer, Kent52(3.1mi @ 08:29/mi)10
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:189th10
McKenna, Joe54(3.1mi @ 14:11/mi)1
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:43:59Finisher1
Male, 55 - 59  
Deford, Chuck57(22.6mi @ 07:28/mi)310
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:25:185th50
 Nutri-Run 20K01:35:232nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:21:371st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:26:322nd80
Heim, Steve55(22.6mi @ 07:49/mi)290
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:22:572nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:40:213rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:262nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:29:584th60
Leffers, Steve56(16.4mi @ 06:36/mi)200
 Nutri-Run 20K01:23:181st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:24:511st100
Slaubaugh, Mike56(22.6mi @ 09:22/mi)180
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:566th40
 Nutri-Run 20K02:06:545th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:25:365th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:32:136th40
Stange, Ed58(18.6mi @ 08:27/mi)180
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:424th60
 Nutri-Run 20K01:47:534th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:24:414th60
Conrad, Michael58(6.2mi @ 07:45/mi)140
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:143rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:493rd70
Paugh, Gary59(18.6mi @ 11:03/mi)110
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:317th30
 Nutri-Run 20K02:25:216th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:486th40
Osborn, Gregg55(3.1mi @ 06:34/mi)100
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:20:221st100
Roeger, Michael58(22.6mi @ 12:00/mi)81
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:33:45Finisher1
 Nutri-Run 20K02:40:057th30
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:318th20
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:43:467th30
Oliver, Bill59(4mi @ 07:19/mi)70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:29:153rd70
Beuchel, Pat58(4mi @ 07:36/mi)50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:255th50
Feipel, Fred56(22.6mi @ 15:06/mi)42
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:43:26Finisher1
 Nutri-Run 20K03:26:548th20
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:40:24Finisher1
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:50:408th20
Myers, Gregory55(6.2mi @ 10:07/mi)40
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:559th10
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:517th30
Keane, Brian56(3.1mi @ 09:52/mi)20
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:30:358th20
Verduce, John55(6.2mi @ 11:10/mi)11
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:33:51Finisher1
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:35:269th10
Male, 60 - 64  
Piropato, Len62(22.6mi @ 08:06/mi)330
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:141st100
 Nutri-Run 20K01:46:232nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:122nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:29:223rd70
Schmunk, Gary62(19.5mi @ 07:36/mi)280
 Nutri-Run 20K01:36:471st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:051st100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:28:202nd80
Dickerman, Richard60(18.6mi @ 10:30/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:26:202nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K02:23:045th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:25:563rd70
Rohleder, Jeffrey60(18.6mi @ 09:24/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:27:563rd70
 Nutri-Run 20K02:00:303rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:26:224th60
Clendenen, Mike62(18.6mi @ 10:30/mi)160
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:29:214th60
 Nutri-Run 20K02:08:394th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:37:166th40
Baker, Cecil64(22.6mi @ 16:38/mi)140
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:48:376th40
 Nutri-Run 20K03:37:296th40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:45:018th20
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:04:456th40
Furkis, Mark61(4mi @ 06:12/mi)100
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:24:491st100
Kinder, Joseph61(7.1mi @ 11:32/mi)100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:36:075th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:45:495th50
Murphy, Timothy62(22.6mi @ 20:02/mi)91
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:58:017th30
 Nutri-Run 20K04:16:167th30
 Mastodon Stomp 5K01:01:48Finisher1
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:16:407th30
Hilker, Stephen61(4mi @ 08:45/mi)60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:35:004th60
Peters, Rex60(3.1mi @ 09:52/mi)50
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:30:355th50
Blanchette, Kerry63(3.1mi @ 12:23/mi)30
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:38:227th30
Fuller, Steve60(3.1mi @ 14:32/mi)10
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:45:029th10
Male, 65 - 69  
Kingsbery, Roger67(22.6mi @ 08:28/mi)340
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:23:582nd80
 Nutri-Run 20K01:52:362nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:23:572nd80
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:30:591st100
Greider, Steve67(22.6mi @ 18:00/mi)240
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:46:106th40
 Nutri-Run 20K04:04:133rd70
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:49:394th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi01:06:463rd70
Pearson, Jed65(18.6mi @ 08:21/mi)240
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:24:543rd70
 Nutri-Run 20K01:45:181st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:25:063rd70
Bashor, Donald66(6.2mi @ 07:14/mi)200
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:22:201st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:22:311st100
Alberding, James66(7.1mi @ 11:26/mi)140
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:33:454th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:47:222nd80
Lawson, Robert69(3.1mi @ 11:28/mi)50
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:35:345th50
Male, >= 70  
Bruckner, Robert71(18.6mi @ 09:59/mi)300
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:25:461st100
 Nutri-Run 20K02:13:491st100
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:26:001st100
Burgette, Bernie73(10.2mi @ 10:01/mi)290
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:023rd70
 Nutri-Run 20KVolunteer50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:31:303rd70
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:341st100
Stephenson, Rich70(22.6mi @ 13:41/mi)230
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:36:406th40
 Nutri-Run 20K03:08:252nd80
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:37:115th50
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:47:074th60
Harris, Bill78(10.2mi @ 10:23/mi)190
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:32:525th50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:33:044th60
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:39:582nd80
Thompson, Gerald70(6.2mi @ 10:00/mi)140
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:31:044th60
 Mastodon Stomp 5K00:30:592nd80
Harnly, Dick79(7.1mi @ 11:36/mi)100
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:37:047th30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4mi00:45:143rd70
Walberg, David71(3.1mi @ 09:08/mi)80
 Fanny Freezer 5K00:28:182nd80