2016 Fort4Fitness Pace Team Volunteers

4:25 Marathon Pace Team (10:06/mile)

Frank Murphy

Frank Murphy
Marathon PR: 3:59:53
Number of Marathons: 6
Half-Marathon PR: 1:47:22
Number of Half-Marathons: 12
Occupation: Spatial Data Analyst
Who do you enjoy training with? I like to mix it up. I run solo, with a friend and with a group as my schedule permits. I particularly enjoy running with new runners.
Why do you run? I started running in 2013 as a contestant in Fort Wayne's Smallest Winner. It was through FWSW that I learned to eat right, exercise responsibly and practice accountability. At first, I hated running, but now I genuinely enjoy lacing up and taking off.
Why are you pacing?  Many people have invested in me, and without their help, I would still be on the couch. It's a very rewarding experience to help someone else in much the same way you've been helped.
Favorite Running Experience: Completing my first 50k (31+ miles) in Hell, MI (2015). Inexplicably, I got stronger and faster throughout the race. I felt like such a beast crossing that finish line and I wore a dopey grin for a month afterwards.
Why should someone pace with you?  I'm a professional data analyst that loves numbers. Let me and my fellow pacer take care of the details while you focus on the run and we'll get you to finish line on time.

Stephanie Allen

Stephanie Allen
Marathon PR: 3:26
Marathons:  4
Half-Marathon PR: 1:46
Half-Marathons: 7
OccupationPre school special Ed paraprofessional
Who do you enjoy training with? Normally I train by myself since I have to work my runs around my work, kids active schedule, husband's work schedule, and just life.
Why do you run?  I started out running 3 years ago for health. One year later I signed up to be a running buddy for a special needs child. Her name is Katharina, is 5 and lives in Germany. I donate all of my miles to her as well as send her my finisher medals. Knowing that she will never run pushes me because I have the gift of running. Her strength has pushed me to set amazing goals and crush them. I would not be the runner I am today without her. I run because I can. My favorite runs are when I get to slow my pace down and have a therapy session. There is nothing like running in the country, listening to nature, reflecting on life, and talking to God. I also want to help others and show them anything is possible with hard work, a crazy goal, and dedication.
Why are you pacing?  Hahaha my best friend Liz is pacing the half and told me that they needed a 4:25 pacer for the marathon. I have been wanting to pace a race and help others cross that finish line so this was the push I needed. To help others accomplish their goals is another reason why I run.
Favorite Running Experience:  There are so many running experiences I have had. Running is a journey and an adventure. Probably running Earn Your Mittens this spring. It was back to back marathons. Wisconsin we had 30-50 mph headwinds and I missed my BQ by 2 minutes. At the end I saw my friends and husband and was so glad. I'm not sad I missed my time because I shaved off 20 min off my last marathon 7 months prior and in horrible conditions. The next day I ran another marathon in Kalamazoo and just made it fun. The last stretch my 2 girls (6 and 4) crossed the finish line with me. The whole weekend was a blessing. Friends, family, Katharina, and running.
Why should someone pace with you?  I'm super fun and energetic but I will also push you or pull you to the finish.

4:40 Marathon Pace Team (10:40/mile)

Stacey Hartman

Stacey Hartman
Marathon PR: 4:14:16
Number of Marathons: 3 & 1-50K
Half-Marathon PR: 2:00:30
Number of Half-Marathons: 14
Occupation: Forensic Scientist
Who do you enjoy training with? I am blessed to be part of such a diverse group of fabulous runners. Regardless if I am asking someone to meet me at 5am, join me on a 20 mile training run, slow up the pace or push me, I have support for all of it!
Why do you run? Because I like being ridiculous.
Why are you pacing?  After being sidelined by injury, I discovered all the other ways to be involved in the running community without actually running. Volunteering is incredibly rewarding!
Favorite Running Experience: I have two favorites that involve my amazing sisters. The Indy Mini with my older sister Shelly and finishing a very difficult marathon in Carmel with my younger sister Lindsay, niece Paityn and nephew Bryson surprising me at the finish line.
Why should someone pace with you?  If 4:40 is your goal, Joe and I will get you there, while having all the fun!

Joe Beier

Marathon PR: 4:37:00
Marathons:  8
Half-Marathon PR: 1:47:00
Half-Marathons: 20
OccupationInsurance Agent
Who do you enjoy training with? There are a couple of great groups of people that I train with. Many of them are part of both groups. There is a Wednesday night group that meets at Three Rivers Running Company and many other places during the week. Also, the Indiana Trails Group that trains a lot at Chain O Lakes State Park. Great people! Great Conversations
Why do you run?  I run to stay active and to connect with others. It helps to keep my head clear and remove stress.
Why are you pacing?  Encouraging others and helping to see them reach their goals is very rewarding! I am pacing to give back to other runners and the running community.
Favorite Running Experience:  There are so many to choose from because of the great group that I run with. I would have to say that finishing the Indiana Trail 50 mile race at Chain O Lakes has been my favorite because of the absolutely amazing support provided by not only the race director and staff, but because of all the support of friends, family and total strangers. So many smiling faces and selfless acts of support and encouragement!
Why should someone pace with you?  We will have a good time, lively conversation, witty banter and we will do everything that we can do to bring the group in on time

1:45 Half-Marathon Pace Team (8:00/mile)

Bill Landgraf

William Landgraf
Marathon PR: 3:20
Number of Marathons: 9
Half-Marathon PR: 1:35
Number of Half-Marathons: 18
Occupation: Strategic Sourcing Manager at Summit Brands
Who do you enjoy training with? I train with co-workers and friends I’ve met throughout my 12 years of running. The highlight of each week is our Saturday morning long runs and then a stop for coffee. Most of my weekday runs are early before work around 5:30am.
Why do you run? The challenge of pushing myself to limits I didn’t know I had. It’s created in me a real humility and appreciation for my health and well-being.
Why are you pacing?  To give back to a running community that has giving me so much.
Favorite Running Experience: Crossing the finishing line at the Toledo Glass City Marathon with a BQ time of 3:20 in April 2016. An overwhelming feeling of looking up at the clock and knowing I had achieved my goal and that all the training had paid off.
Why should someone pace with you?  The F4F half marathon, my hometown race, is something I am very proud to run every year. I’d love to share that feeling with as many as I can and help them in a little way to reach their goals.

Tom Gilbert

Marathon PR: 3:13
Marathons:  20
Half-Marathon PR: 1:30
Half-Marathons: 10
Occupationgeneral dentist
Who do you enjoy training with? My trail running buddies. I am a member of the TRRC Ultra Racing Team and we train together on a regular basis.
Why do you run?  I love running. It is a big stress reliever and it makes me tired so I sleep well at night. I run every day so you could say I am somewhat addicted.
Why are you pacing?  I lead a pace team two years ago and really enjoyed it. I raced the f4f half last year and set a good time which was fun, so now I decided to lead a pace team again this year to give back to others. It is satisfying to help other runners achieve the goal they have set out for, and I know I can help them to do this.
Favorite Running Experience:  I enjoy training for a goal race then going out to see if I can succeed with my goal time. Sometimes I just enjoy running with friends and that is a favorite experience also.
Why should someone pace with you?  I think we will have a fun group and we will be competitive to reach the goal. I have a lot of experience from halves to full to ultra marathons and I believe I can use my experience to help any runner in our group.

1:50 Half-Marathon Pace Team (8:23/mile)

Andrew Saal

Marathon PR: 3:27
Number of Marathons: 7
Half-Marathon PR: 1:29
Number of Half-Marathons: 16
Occupation: President of Pro Products
Who do you enjoy training with? I enjoy running with anyone....friends, family, co-workers, random people you meet at races. Long runs are a must with a good running partner. Shorter solo runs are my release.
Why do you run? First and foremost, I run to stay in shape. I also enjoy running for the social aspects and competition, however I think the most beneficial thing I get from running is stress management and tool to refocus.
Why are you pacing?  I've helped friends train and meet their running goals. I really enjoyed the experience. At this point in my running, I'm more into helping others than trying to best my PR's.
Favorite Running Experience: That's tough. I have so many great memories. The big events all have their place, but I think my favorite runs were with friends dealing with whatever the day gave you....freezing cold, extremely hot, cool new routes that gave you a new experience around every turn.
Why should someone pace with you?  A stress free day of running. I'll be prepared and make sure that we have a great day. We will hit your goal. Sit back, relax and enjoy the run.

Linda Borland

Marathon PR: 3:48:35
Marathons:  5
Half-Marathon PR: 1:39:55
Half-Marathons: I'm a beast
Who do you enjoy training with? With friends
Why do you run?  To stay in shape. I enjoy the camaraderie of running with friends. I also appreciate my runs when I am alone. It gives me time to think and pray.
Why are you pacing?  I enjoy helping others meet their goals.
Favorite Running Experience:  I have had many wonderful running experiences. Although, the one that stands out was when I ran Boston 2012. It was right after my divorce which was a devastating experience. That run was very therapeutic - to know that I went and did it anyway - I felt empowered knowing that I could go on. It was a hot day and I was praying for rain. Even though there was no rain from the sky, I felt God showering me through the people who lined the streets of Boston with their water hoses on, with ice chips, with words of encouragement. It was awesome!
Why should someone pace with you?  Hopefully I can be an encouragement to them while they run. Also, that I can try to help them achieve their goals.

2:00 Half-Marathon Pace Team (9:09/mile)

Ray Gildner

Marathon PR: 3:53
Number of Marathons: 4
Half-Marathon PR: 1:43
Number of Half-Marathons: 5
Occupation: Education, teaching at IPFW
Who do you enjoy training with? Myself... but join group runs when I can.
Why do you run? I get immense satisfaction of finishing a hard run.
Why are you pacing?  Running and other runners have given me so much. Helping people do the impossible, or at least what was once impossible for themselves, is a small way I can say thank you.
Favorite Running Experience: My favorite moments are when I've looked at my elapsed time during a race, and realize that I'm going to hit my goal.
Why should someone pace with you?  WE GONNA HAVE SOME FUN, YA!

Gail Gerber

Half-Marathon PR: 1:45
Half-Marathons: 33 (11 completed in states other than Indiana)
Occupation Professional Counter, (accountant- helps with the steady pace) Fitness Trainer. Educator, and Advocate for Girls on the Run of Northeast Indiana
Who do you enjoy training with? All of the cool runners who are running/training for a healthier lifestyle. #FitFriendsAndFamily4Life
Why do you run?  I love my heart so I run to exercise one of my most important muscles.
Why are you pacing?  I am pacing because it is one of the most rewarding experiences of giving back.
Favorite Running Experience:  One of my memorable running experiences is running Fort Wayne's Rat Race years ago with all 3 of my children. I also loved seeing all of my family (grand kids too) out at the Girls on the Run 5K!
Why should someone pace with you?  You should pace with Ray and I because we will keep a steady pace and bring y'all in at your goal time! Go, Go Gadget Legs!

2:10 Half-Marathon Pace Team (9:55/mile)

Calum Johnson

Marathon PR: 3:00
Number of Marathons: 5
Half-Marathon PR: 1:23
Number of Half-Marathons: 21
Occupation: Engineer
Who do you enjoy training with? My wife (and co-pacer) Leah and my son Adric.
Why do you run? I love the camaraderie of running with people or races; I love the solitude of early morning runs. I love the thrill of competition and the peace of just being outside.
Why are you pacing?  To have fun! What could be more fun than a 2:10 party?
Favorite Running Experience: My favorite running experience is the very first half marathon my wife and I ran. We finished in 3:13, and it was a struggle, but it kick started us into an activity that we love.
Why should someone pace with you?  Two hours and 10 minutes of party time!

Leah Johnson

Marathon PR: 3:33:22
Marathons:  2
Half-Marathon PR: 1:40:40
Half-Marathons: 18
OccupationStay-at-home mom
Who do you enjoy training with? My husband and our two-year-old son.
Why do you run?  I run because it’s who I am- I am a runner. I run for my sanity, for fitness, for fun.
Why are you pacing?  I thought it would be a fun challenge to try something new (this is my first time pacing). Plus, I get to run a race with my husband, which doesn’t happen very often.
Favorite Running Experience:  Running 11 half marathons in one year in 7 different states.
Why should someone pace with you?  Our pace team will be on time and we are the first husband/wife pace team at Fort-4-Fitness.

2:20 Half-Marathon Pace Team (10:41/mile)

Richard Dickerman

Half-Marathon PR: 2:00:55
Number of Half-Marathons: 3
Occupation: Computer Programmer (Manager) Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company
Who do you enjoy training with? Fort Wayne Smallest Winners, Mike Else' Fort4Fit training group, Frank Murphy, Josh Foor (who will be my pacing partner) and by myself.
Why do you run? I started running to get into shape, then to stay in shape. Now I run to find new ways to challenge myself and push myself to greater heights. I also enjoy running when it can benefit others.
Why are you pacing?  Now that I am into running I enjoy helping others to grow as FWSW helped me. I have found the joy of helping Smallest Winners prepare for their half marathon and was requested by some personally to run with them. I want to share that same joy with others.
Favorite Running Experience: I have had two which were great successes for me. The first was Xenia half marathon this spring when I finished with 2:00:55. Not only did I PR but I felt comfortable the whole way, staying consistent and enjoying the race. The second was running as a core runner for Indiana Run For The Fallen. That was a 3 day relay run from Fort Wayne to Indiana honoring specific Armed Forces Fallen Hero with each mile. It was an honor to run to honor and remember these fallen heroes as well as the opportunity to run with some great men and women who encouraged me through the 43 miles that I personally ran with them.
Why should someone pace with you?  I know the desire to meet a goal and will work with you to help you cross the finish line in 2:20. I also know that the race needs to be a good experience so will work to help it be an enjoyable experience for you.

Josh Foor

Marathon PR: 4:03
Marathons:  4
Half-Marathon PR: 1:40
Half-Marathons: 6
OccupationUnited States Army Career Counselor
Who do you enjoy training with? I enjoy running with my two dogs, members of Team RWB, and members of Wabash River Runners Club. I have made a few running friends in each area I've been stationed in the Army and whenever we get together we find time to get a run in.
Why do you run?  Running is so symbolic of life and cheaper than therapy. I run to challenge myself which, in turn, helps me to better overcome the challenges of life.
Why are you pacing?  I want to share with others what others have shared with me. It is always nice to give back and put others first, before yourself.
Favorite Running Experience:  I have many great running experiences. My most favorite running experience is when I've served as a Core Runner three times for the New Jersey Run for the Fallen and two times for the Indiana Run for the Fallen. The Run for the Fallen is a part of the Honor and Remember organization in which we do a relay style run over the course of three or four days in a row honoring and remembering fallen Service Members one mile at a time. The most I've run during a Run for the Fallen is 87 miles over three days during the 2016 Run for the Fallen.
Why should someone pace with you?  I enjoy helping others overcome adversity and challenges. I will help to motivate you as we overcome the challenge of the race set before us. Believe and Achieve!!!!

2:30 Half-Marathon Pace Team (11:27/mile)

Liz Johnson

Half-Marathon PR: 2:10
Number of Half-Marathons: 4
Occupation: American Red Cross Instructor/ Personnel Supervisor in HR
Who do you enjoy training with? I love running with anyone! I am so lucky to have running which has bonded me with others. I have done various races with all sorts of friends, and sometimes I train alone and that race might be the only time I see that person. Anytime that I can get out and hit the pavement with my friends Sheena, Stacey and Mariah, is a good time.
Why do you run? I run because I love the sense of accomplishment; it was something that at one part of my life was just a dream, but I began anyway and have since lost almost 70 lbs. I also run for Will, my buddy that I was matched with through I RUN 4. He has courage and so my miles are for him.
Why are you pacing?  Pacing is something that is exciting for me to do because I want to be able to encourage others, and to help them reach their goals. Pacers have been instrumental in helping me, and I want to give back and be that source of positive encouragement.
Favorite Running Experience: The Fort 4 Fitness finish is the best finish of any race I have ever participated in- there is nothing like it!
Why should someone pace with you?  You should join me in this because we will reach your goals, and have fun running it!

Craig Bobay

Marathon PR: 3:35
Marathons:  8
Half-Marathon PR: 1:38
Half-Marathons: 30+
OccupationAllen Superior Court Judge
Who do you enjoy training with? Friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives, acquaintances, new runners, experienced runners
Why do you run?  To get outdoors, to maintain physical fitness, to maintain mental health and perspective, to see the city, to see the country side, to socialize, to sweat, to have fun, and many other reasons.
Why are you pacing?  To participate in the community and encourage other runners. I had a great time helping other runners get to the finish line as a Pace Team Leader the last 3 years I have been pacing the Fort4Fitness half.
Favorite Running Experience:  Several: qualifying for & running the Boston marathon; the HUFF; NYC marathon; the Tecumseh Trail marathon; trail running in the Smoky mountains, the Grand Canyon, and in the Sangre de Cristo mountains near Santa Fe New Mexico; and anytime running with my daughters.
Why should someone pace with you?  To make it to the finish of the Fort4Fitness in 2:30. Also, I was a Pace Team Leader last 3 years, making it positive for all who ran with us, and we delivered on time.