2024 Points Series Application

Deadline for Submission: October 8, 2023. If you would like to present your race prior to the selection process, please contact Steve Heim at president@fwtc.org.
To be considered for inclusion in the Fort Wayne Running Club (FWRC) 2024 Points Series, complete the electronic application below(Download PDF Form Here)
The Fort Wayne Running Club Points Race Series Criteria
In the recent past, the Fort Wayne Running Club (FWRC) Board made it a priority to select FWRC points races based on the support the club received from those races and those race directors. Contributions of both time (volunteering) and funds to the FWRC were the types of support that was generally considered. This year the FWRC Board generally affirms those standards, and has set the following more specific criteria:

•All FWRC races automatically qualify as points races. These are races that are organized and directed by the FWRC.
•The Race Directors of all proposed points races must be FWRC members and their volunteer involvement will be strongly considered.
•The club favors races held in Northeast Indiana.
•The club favors a points race calendar that is spread throughout the year, with the goal of trying to have at least one race in each month.
•The club favors a points race calendar that is diverse in terms of the race’s distance and the type of race (road, trail, terrain, etc.)
•The club favors consideration of a variety of races from year to year, so that the points race calendar does not always feature all the same races every year.
•No inaugural races will be selected as a points race. The club would like the Race Directors of inaugural races to make sure the logistical bugs that are inevitable in organizing a new race to be worked out before the race becomes a points race.
•The support the club receives from the race and the Race Director will be considered.
•The Race Director must complete and submit a Points Series Application by the indicated deadline.
•Must be current on any fees owed to FWRC.
•Must provide Certificate of Insurance for your event.
•Should you have more than one distance on race day, the club generally will choose the longer distance for IronRunner and Points Series.  Other distances will qualify runners/walkers for the IronStrider.
The Fort Wayne Running Club Points Series is an important facet of our running community and strives to support the race directors of these events in many ways. Further, the Fort Wayne Running Club also expects certain support from the Race Director for inclusion in our Points Series.

The list of responsibilities for both parties are expanded upon below in the Points Series Race Responsibility Matrix:
The Fort Wayne Running Club will...
The Race Director of a FWRC Points Series race will...
1. Refer you to its preferred professional Chip Timer if requested. 1. Provide electronic chip timing services to all participants
2. Promote your event using club's marketing resources. 2. Provide the race results in electronic format divided by FWRC age groups to our current Points Coordinator
3. Provide assistance using available media outreach to find additional volunteers for your event if requested. 3. Provide a race flier and/or registration website no later than 4 months prior to your event
4. Distribute your printed race flier at all events and partner events/organizations leading up to your event date after it is available. 4. Provide a minimum of a $2.00 discount to all FWRC pre-registered members (both online and offline registrations)
5. The Fort Wayne Running Club board agrees to serve as a resource to provide guidance. 5. Include the FWRC Points Series Logo and state the event is a FWRC Points Race on the printed flyer, brochure and website
6. Promotion of your event to the exclusion of all other area or regional events during the week of your event. 6. If your event is selected as a FWRC Points Series race, provide Certificate of Insurance and $100 Points Series fee by 31 December 2023.
7. Provide a no-charge display table and/or set out literature provided by the RD at the FWRC Banquet to promote the race. .