3rd Annual Running Water 5k walk/run

Where: IPFW campus/alumni plaza
When:  @ 
Who: Kami Kinney (Intouch.salonspa@icloud.comIntouch.salonspa@icloud.comIntouch.salonspa@icloud.com)
It's time to start prepping for our 3nd, annual Running Water 5K Run/Walk. We have big plans to make it even more exciting and empowering this yea!
Now, gather the troops and lets do this!

If you are new to the Running Water 5k Run/Walk, here's a little information on why we are hosting this event:

Riverfront development is going to happen in a big way, and the first step is a massive clean-up and restoration! The team at In Touch Salonspa wholeheartedly supports environmental efforts and strong communities, and we’re big promoters of healthy active lifestyles.

That’s why we’re organizing the third, annual Running Water 5K to support the restoration of our region’s waterways. Come join us for a run /walk that’ll help promote good health and give back to the community.