Beefcake Racing Series - Race #1

Where: 3424 County Road 31, Waterloo, IN, United States
When:  @ 
Who: Wade Buchs (
The first of three races in the Beefcake Series. This race is a 4K (~2.5 mile) race run on the DeKalb Barons Cross Country Course. Awards are given to the top male and female who complete ALL RACES, and also the winner of each age group who runs ALL RACES.

*the second and third races of the series will be run the following two Mondays, June 12th and June 19th
**pre-race registration information can be found on the attached flyer...race-day registration is allowed
***you may choose to run all three races, just two, or even just one in the series...however, awards will only go to runners who complete ALL THREE races