DINO Trail Run

Where: Mounds State Park 4306 Mounds Rd, Anderson, IN 46017
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Who: Brian Holzhausen (info@dinoseries.com)
One of Indiana's favorite spots for trail running is Mounds State Park. Located in Anderson, is a special jewel in East Central Indiana. Annually, the park hosts DINO and Run the Mounds fall 5 mile race. Mounds offers scenic views of White River and the intriguing ceremonial mounds the park is named for. Mounds is less than an hour drive away from downtown Indianapolis.

Mounds State Park's heated pavilion makes a great gathering place for this early Spring race. Heated restrooms and ample gathering room make a chilly race morning much more pleasant.

In 2018, an ice storm caused DINO to design a route without many boardwalks or stairs. This alternate course proved to be more popular than the original course, so we made it permanent!

The race starts just inside the park gatehouse, with 15k starting southward and 5k starting northward. Aid stations are approximately every two miles.

15k runners complete three times through the southern section and two times through the northern (15k only) section. (pass the "LAP/FINISH split twice, then finish the third time through).


Subject to minor changes. All races are Eastern time.

7:30AM ~ Registration Opens
8:30AM ~ Registration Closes
9:00AM ~ 15K Start
9:10AM ~ 5K Starts
10:30AM ~ DINO Kids Run (free)
11:00AM ~ Award Ceremony