Project 216 5K Pursuit

Where: Shoaf Park, 6401 St. Joe Rd., Fort Wayne, IN
When:  @ 
Who: Kirk Weesner (
This is the 5th Annual Project 216 5K Pursuit. This is a two tier event that benefits Project 216. The first tier is a 5K run/walk to raise funds for the raw materials needed to pack the Nutri-Plenty® meal. The first tier of last year's event provided enough funds to pay for 20,000 meals for starving children in Haiti. The second tier of the fundraiser is a packing event in which we personally pack these meals and prepare them to ship oversees. The next person to open this box will be those who are desperately in need of these meals.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the many problems that exist in this world? Have you wanted to just DO SOMETHING but didnt know where to start? Project 216 exists for just that reason. We are here to help you and your group make a real difference in the fight against world hunger. Our Packing Event program allows you to take ownership of a hunger project and make it your own. We will come alongside you every step of the way with the tools you need to make it happen. What does a packing event look like for your group? Click here to learn more.

The name Project 216 has three different meanings, all of which encompass what we do. The first and most basic is that every Project 216 box that gets shipped out contains 216 meals. The second meaning revolves around our volunteers, without whom we absolutely could not exist! At every 2 hour packing event, each volunteer will average about 216 meals. This means that every single person who comes to an event is responsible for about 216 meals for the hungry. Because of each volunteer, whether they are 5 or 95, 216 people will receive a meal designed to help them thrive. And finally, as a Christian organization, we serve because Jesus came to serve. James 2:16 says, If one of you says to those in need, Go in peace, keep warm and well fed but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? We want to be an organization that not only sees the need, but does something about it, and empowers you to do something about it too!