Team NeighborLink Virtual Night Moves Event

Where: Anywhere
When:  @ 
Who: Team NeighborLink (
With Team NeighborLink being a community centric group of athletes, we are trying to think of ways we can come together without actually being together. Wed like to introduce our first ever VIRTUAL NIGHT MOVES event! This coming Friday, May 1st, lace up your running shoes at 7:00pm and go out for a 3.1 mile run or walk of your choice! Take pictures/videos along your way, wave to your neighbors, and enjoy being in the great outdoors (Friday is predicted to be a beautiful day). When youre finished, post your pictures here on this Facebook event page, so we can all share in the fun together! Also, be sure to post a picture of your watch with your time and distance as the fastest overall participant will receive a pair of our FAMOUS TNL socks!

Also, we set up a response fund to cover the anticipated costs for supplies, food, delivery costs, and all of the other ways yet to be known for those affected by from the COVID virus in our community. We encourage participants to make a $10 donation to help a neighbor in need. If youre interested in donating to the response fund, click here

We cant wait to see you all in person soon, but until its safe, lets come together virtually and have some fun!