2016 Points Standings

Here are the final points standings for the sixteen Fort Wayne Running Club points races held during 2016 (see main page for a list of the races).

For eligibility rules and awarding of points, click here.

If you have any corrections, please contact Points Coordinator Mike Slaubaugh at points@fwtc.org.


1.  Alexandra Beber10970Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37026:30
 Nutri-Run 20K11002:28:27
 Mastodon Stomp 5K55032:09
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37040:44
 JP Jones 10K2801:24:17
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 New Haven 10K6401:24:17
 Pufferbelly 5K110031:18
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110025:58
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2802:34:53
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Vineyard Trail 5K110030:24
 River City Rat Race 10K2801:02:53
 Turkey Trot 5K 50Vol.
2.  Jamie Zeigler13520Points
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110022:07
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110030:46
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K110046:46
 New Haven 10K37046:44
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110028:50
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
3.  Taylor Louis10510Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55029:27
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46027:17
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28035:16
 New Haven 10K7301:04:53
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11002:15:04
 River City Rat Race 10K3701:04:52
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M37037:52
4.  Nation Kravec13380Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64031:54
 Mastodon Stomp 5K64032:16
 JP Jones 10K11001:13:06
 Pufferbelly 5K28035:00
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M3702:48:23
5.  Makenzie Kolvoord9240Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28024:25
 5-Kilt Run28024:05
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28031:19
6.  Natalie Witmer15210Points
 Runners on Parade 5K73023:31
 River City Rat Race 10K110047:41
 Turkey Trot 5K28022:33
7.  Alexandria Ebetino15200Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K1     100      22:34
 Runners on Parade 5K64021:22
 New Haven 10K46046:47
8.  Lauren Beckmann16180Points
 Runners on Parade 5K28040:04
 New Haven 10K11001:24:17
8.  Madison Distelrath16180Points
 Runners on Parade 5K110018:41
 New Haven 10K28039:08
8.  Marisa Eberle15180Points
 5-Kilt Run110022:41
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28023:03
11.  Aileen Delaney12160Points
 Runners on Parade 5K46020:57
 Turkey Trot 5K110022:24
12.  Carrie Lill19120Points
 5-Kilt Run37027:44
 New Haven 10K55054:51
13.  Addison Deckard880Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K73054:12
 5-Kilt Run55049:44
14.  Julia Broerman1370Points
 Turkey Trot 5K37024:38
14.  Meredith Hardin1370Points
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37027:08
14.  Ashtyn Robertson1570Points
 Runners on Parade 5K37019:51
17.  Grace Gillie1160Points
 5-Kilt Run46028:35
17.  Claire Greer1760Points
 Turkey Trot 5K46027:09
17.  Meghan Weaver1560Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46028:24
20.  Maggie Falater1550Points
 Runners on Parade 5K55021:17
20.  Bridgit Sullivan1350Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K 50Vol.
22.  Gretchen Witmer1320Points
 Runners on Parade 5K82023:33
23.  Emily McLaughlin1310Points
 Runners on Parade 5K91026:13


1.  Bryce Kolvoord12470Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28020:15
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46028:31
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K37049:25
 Runners on Parade 5K73019:44
 River City Rat Race 10K28043:32
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110024:32
2.  Branden Kolvoord14340Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110019:52
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28019:41
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K28046:04
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28027:11
3.  Keaton Broerman15320Points
 JP Jones 10K110050:28
 Runners on Parade 5K64019:36
 River City Rat Race 10K110042:06
 Turkey Trot 5K28020:52
4.  Logan Weaver14290Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37020:18
 5-Kilt Run110021:11
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37021:15
 Runners on Parade 5K55019:20
5.  Bradlee Kolvoord16270Points
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110019:18
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K110043:29
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M37030:18
6.  Mark Beckmann19200Points
 Runners on Parade 5K110015:42
 New Haven 10K110032:51
7.  Emmett Delaney14170Points
 Runners on Parade 5K37017:20
 Turkey Trot 5K110018:40
8.  Scott Beckmann19140Points
 Runners on Parade 5K46017:32
 New Haven 10K28037:27
9.  Josiah Deckard10120Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64044:53
 5-Kilt Run28053:15
10.  Stuart Findley1380Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K91022:07
 New Haven 10K37054:51
11.  Nathaniel Witmer1780Points
 Runners on Parade 5K28017:16
12.  Zachary Love1670Points
 Turkey Trot 5K37025:26
13.  Vinny Ebetino1260Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46033:11
13.  Sam Veerkamp560Points
 Turkey Trot 5K46026:48
15.  Jack Deckard1250Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55044:53
16.  Matthew Snyder1630Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K73045:12
17.  Eric Schultz1620Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K82021:30


1.  Haylee Carroll Shirkey211590Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110026:49
 5-Kilt Run110027:41
 Nutri-Run 20K11001:59:41
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110027:04
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110033:59
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K28054:35
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K110053:27
 Runners on Parade 5K28024:38
 New Haven 10K110054:23
 Pufferbelly 5K110025:41
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110027:17
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11001:56:22
 Vineyard Trail 5K110029:09
 River City Rat Race 10K28056:35
 Turkey Trot 5K110025:46
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110032:15
2.  Hannah Hoffman24200Points
 JP Jones 10K110042:40
 River City Rat Race 10K110041:48
3.  Cayla Pusey23100Points
 Runners on Parade 5K110021:59

MALE 20 TO 24

1.  Dustin Moore221300Points
 5-Kilt Run110018:23
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110017:54
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110023:39
 JP Jones 10K110038:04
 Runners on Parade 5K110017:25
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 New Haven 10K110037:06
 Pufferbelly 5K110018:56
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110018:18
 Vineyard Trail 5K110018:55
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 River City Rat Race 10K110038:02
 Turkey Trot 5K110018:46
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110023:04
2.  David Lill24450Points
 New Haven 10K28048:18
 Pufferbelly 5K28024:20
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28021:42
 River City Rat Race 10K28044:59
 Turkey Trot 5K28020:48
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
3.  Nick Lubs2080Points
 Vineyard Trail 5K28031:30
3.  Colton Mickelini2480Points
 Runners on Parade 5K28020:01


1.  Michelle Regan28670Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28031:09
 5-Kilt Run28032:50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110035:01
 Vineyard Trail 5K110048:55
 River City Rat Race 10K2801:14:43
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K110036:06
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28044:28
2.  Liz Schloss26450Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K 50Vol.
 Nutri-Run 20K11001:23:58
 Runners on Parade 5K110018:37
 River City Rat Race 10K110040:56
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110026:48
3.  Marissa Freson28240Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46032:23
 Runners on Parade 5K28032:49
 Pufferbelly 5K110037:03
4.  Mallory Denis28170Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37031:23
 5-Kilt Run110032:15
5.  Kalissa Herron28150Points
 5-Kilt Run37046:01
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28040:50
6.  Stephanie Amstutz26100Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110027:04
7.  Abby Reece2580Points
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28030:35
8.  Jen Moeller2950Points
 Runners on Parade 5K 50Vol.
8.  Allyson Salesman2850Points
 Nutri-Run 20K 50Vol.

MALE 25 TO 29

1.  Dave Boyer281400Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110019:17
 5-Kilt Run110020:37
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110019:48
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110025:46
 JP Jones 10K110040:29
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K110040:04
 Runners on Parade 5K37018:29
 New Haven 10K37040:20
 Pufferbelly 5K110031:18
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110025:58
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Vineyard Trail 5K110021:15
 River City Rat Race 10K28040:36
 Turkey Trot 5K28020:01
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110024:55
2.  Nathan Culp281320Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37022:54
 5-Kilt Run37023:25
 Nutri-Run 20K2801:43:26
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37022:11
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37028:47
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K37047:21
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K28052:04
 Runners on Parade 5K55021:48
 New Haven 10K55047:52
 Pufferbelly 5K28022:17
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28022:47
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11001:49:50
 Vineyard Trail 5K28024:07
 River City Rat Race 10K37049:11
 Turkey Trot 5K37024:05
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28030:28
3.  Adam Dyer27670Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28020:59
 5-Kilt Run28021:30
 Nutri-Run 20K11001:35:18
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28021:15
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28027:07
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K28043:11
 Runners on Parade 5K46020:10
 New Haven 10K46043:29
4.  Mike Deal29480Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64054:05
 5-Kilt Run55056:59
 Mastodon Stomp 5K55055:33
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M4601:11:26
 Runners on Parade 5K73058:18
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Pufferbelly 5K37053:52
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37058:46
 Turkey Trot 5K4601:08:12
5.  Alex Kaplanis25280Points
 Runners on Parade 5K28018:11
 New Haven 10K110038:32
 River City Rat Race 10K110040:32
6.  Jacob Willis28220Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K56024:14
 5-Kilt Run46025:27
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46024:43
 Runners on Parade 5K64024:28
7.  Wade Buchs27180Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28038:49
 Turkey Trot 5K110017:28
8.  Cody White25100Points
 Runners on Parade 5K110015:12
9.  Ian Randall2950Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K45026:12


1.  Kimberly Van Naarden311450Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110023:19
 5-Kilt Run110024:45
 Nutri-Run 20K11001:44:32
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46027:56
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110031:04
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K28050:54
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K110052:20
 Runners on Parade 5K28024:15
 New Haven 10K37052:32
 Pufferbelly 5K110022:51
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110024:19
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2801:53:51
 Vineyard Trail 5K110025:05
 River City Rat Race 10K28049:40
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110029:35
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
2.  Emily Pfeiffer341270Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55025:26
 5-Kilt Run46025:58
 Nutri-Run 20K3701:52:53
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28025:51
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37032:22
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K37053:11
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K28053:58
 Runners on Parade 5K37025:00
 New Haven 10K28052:29
 Pufferbelly 5K28025:09
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37025:46
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M5502:12:27
 Vineyard Trail 5K46030:23
 River City Rat Race 10K37058:53
 Turkey Trot 5K28027:36
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28036:38
3.  Ashley Anglin321110Points
 5-Kilt Run37025:35
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110024:11
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28031:43
 JP Jones 10K110049:24
 Runners on Parade 5K110023:57
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 New Haven 10K110049:30
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28024:57
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11001:51:16
 Vineyard Trail 5K28025:24
 River City Rat Race 10K110048:35
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K110026:25
4.  Tammy Schenkel341080Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64027:13
 5-Kilt Run55027:47
 Nutri-Run 20K6402:28:29
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37027:34
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M46036:50
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K46059:59
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K3701:00:55
 Runners on Parade 5K46025:46
 New Haven 10K46058:12
 Pufferbelly 5K37028:12
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K46028:36
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M4602:08:46
 Vineyard Trail 5K55031:09
 River City Rat Race 10K46059:43
 Turkey Trot 5K46037:17
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M46042:41
5.  Angel Skinner34910Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K91031:20
 5-Kilt Run91031:18
 Nutri-Run 20K5502:28:20
 Mastodon Stomp 5K55029:54
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M55037:57
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K5501:03:13
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K4601:07:13
 Runners on Parade 5K55028:28
 New Haven 10K5501:00:53
 Pufferbelly 5K46028:55
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K55028:50
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M6402:33:49
 Vineyard Trail 5K64032:22
 River City Rat Race 10K5501:02:35
 Turkey Trot 5K37031:49
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M37038:15
6.  Amanda Gibson31430Points
 Mastodon Stomp 5K82038:55
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M64046:25
 JP Jones 10K6401:12:47
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K5501:17:24
 Runners on Parade 5K73031:36
 New Haven 10K6401:12:45
 Pufferbelly 5K55034:24
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M7302:46:58
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Vineyard Trail 5K73035:30
7.  Joelle Ruefer33220Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28023:50
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M3701:54:34
 Vineyard Trail 5K37026:13
8.  Kimberly Truesdell34190Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46025:17
 Nutri-Run 20K2801:51:29
 JP Jones 10K 50Vol.
9.  Elizabeth Roebel33180Points
 Nutri-Run 20K4602:23:28
 Mastodon Stomp 5K73033:14
 River City Rat Race 10K6401:13:43
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
10.  Jennifer Storey32150Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37025:00
 5-Kilt Run28025:26
11.  Allyson Schreiber33130Points
 Nutri-Run 20K 50Vol.
 New Haven 10K7301:21:27
 Turkey Trot 5K55041:38
12.  Tina French-Willis32100Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K82030:20
 5-Kilt Run82030:23
 Mastodon Stomp 5K64030:43
 Runners on Parade 5K64030:19
13.  Mary Willems-Akers3470Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K73029:24
 5-Kilt Run64029:56
14.  Ashley Martin3150Points
 JP Jones 10K 50Vol.
14.  Katelyn Pranger3050Points
 Mastodon Stomp 5K91044:21
 Runners on Parade 5K82035:59
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M8202:59:30
16.  Megan Floyd3230Points
 5-Kilt Run73030:19
17.  Larissa Baker3310Points
 Runners on Parade 5K91036:21

MALE 30 TO 34

1.  Ryan Jackson311510Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37020:20
 5-Kilt Run46020:46
 Nutri-Run 20K2801:29:55
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110019:19
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28026:36
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K110041:40
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K110042:37
 Runners on Parade 5K28019:07
 New Haven 10K37041:48
 Pufferbelly 5K28019:45
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28019:50
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2801:31:35
 Vineyard Trail 5K110020:18
 River City Rat Race 10K28041:55
 Turkey Trot 5K110020:30
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110024:42
2.  Mark Doepner331240Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28019:38
 5-Kilt Run37020:20
 Nutri-Run 20K4601:40:57
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37020:39
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37027:22
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K37043:55
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K28046:57
 Runners on Parade 5K46019:39
 New Haven 10K46042:02
 Pufferbelly 5K37020:23
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37021:11
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M7302:03:15
 Vineyard Trail 5K37021:44
 River City Rat Race 10K37044:28
 Turkey Trot 5K28020:49
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28025:21
3.  Doug Morris33930Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55028:37
 5-Kilt Run82027:18
 Nutri-Run 20K6401:50:57
 Mastodon Stomp 5K55025:05
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M55033:49
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K55053:08
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K46053:00
 Runners on Parade 5K73025:29
 New Haven 10K64052:00
 Pufferbelly 5K55023:55
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K55024:37
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M6401:51:39
 Vineyard Trail 5K46024:28
 River City Rat Race 10K55057:04
 Turkey Trot 5K37025:06
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M37030:48
4.  Justin Burnham30820Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46022:31
 5-Kilt Run64022:25
 Nutri-Run 20K5501:42:07
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46021:08
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M46028:52
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K46047:13
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K37047:17
 Runners on Parade 5K64020:31
 New Haven 10K55046:16
 Pufferbelly 5K46022:55
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K46021:37
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M5501:43:17
 River City Rat Race 10K46046:48
5.  Tommy Cutter31750Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110019:04
 5-Kilt Run110019:47
 Runners on Parade 5K110018:58
 New Haven 10K110039:29
 Pufferbelly 5K110019:21
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110018:43
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11001:26:12
6.  Jake Fitzmaurice34610Points
 5-Kilt Run55021:49
 Nutri-Run 20K3701:30:09
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28020:33
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110026:17
 JP Jones 10K28043:07
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Vineyard Trail 5K28021:39
 River City Rat Race 10K110041:49
7.  Dashon Smith30310Points
 5-Kilt Run2801:29:52
 Nutri-Run 20K11002:23:28
 Runners on Parade 5K37019:18
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M4601:42:47
8.  Phillip Amburgey33260Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64030:03
 5-Kilt Run91028:48
 Runners on Parade 5K82035:17
 New Haven 10K73057:16
 Pufferbelly 5K64050:47
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M8202:15:15
 Vineyard Trail 5K55031:33
9.  Jonathon Gottschalk34170Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K 50Vol.
 Runners on Parade 5K55028:28
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M3701:40:06
10.  Dusty Linn3180Points
 New Haven 10K28040:34
11.  JR Ruefer3470Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K73034:47
 Vineyard Trail 5K64037:45
12.  Joe Floyd3430Points
 5-Kilt Run73023:06


1.  Carmen Tse381120Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K 50Vol.
 Nutri-Run 20K11001:45:25
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28024:30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110032:25
 JP Jones 10K28052:55
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K110054:29
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 New Haven 10K37052:43
 Pufferbelly 5K110025:01
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2801:52:22
 River City Rat Race 10K28052:10
 Turkey Trot 5K28026:35
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110031:02
2.  Teri Garrelts37850Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110021:31
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110022:18
 JP Jones 10K110047:57
 Runners on Parade 5K110020:51
 New Haven 10K110045:27
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11001:41:12
 River City Rat Race 10K110048:09
 Turkey Trot 5K110022:16
3.  Amanda Herald36830Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K82029:37
 5-Kilt Run64029:55
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M55038:25
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K3701:07:18
 Runners on Parade 5K37027:39
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 New Haven 10K5501:02:21
 Pufferbelly 5K37033:03
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110030:31
 Vineyard Trail 5K28032:29
 River City Rat Race 10K5501:04:18
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K46030:00
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M37037:37
4.  Jaime Becker36760Points
 Nutri-Run 20K4602:26:12
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M64040:51
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K6401:11:47
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K5501:16:39
 Runners on Parade 5K64031:38
 New Haven 10K6401:06:38
 Pufferbelly 5K55033:39
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28032:32
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M5502:36:50
 Vineyard Trail 5K37035:43
 River City Rat Race 10K9101:16:04
 Turkey Trot 5K73034:06
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M55042:19
5.  Lesley Doepner36560Points
 Nutri-Run 20K6403:02:25
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M73049:31
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K8201:23:09
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K6401:24:27
 Runners on Parade 5K73036:29
 New Haven 10K8201:20:53
 Pufferbelly 5K64042:39
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37038:18
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M7303:16:48
 Vineyard Trail 5K46040:52
 Turkey Trot 5K91040:22
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M82049:17
6.  Leslie Angel37470Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64029:17
 5-Kilt Run55029:46
 Nutri-Run 20K2802:07:50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K73029:06
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M46036:32
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Vineyard Trail 5K110030:14
 River City Rat Race 10K46056:38
7.  Amanda Dunham36460Points
 Nutri-Run 20K5502:55:08
 Mastodon Stomp 5K91036:08
 JP Jones 10K7301:14:20
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K4601:13:52
 New Haven 10K7301:09:04
 Pufferbelly 5K46033:39
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M6402:44:15
 River City Rat Race 10K8201:11:14
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K82037:21
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M64042:41
8.  Arden Robertson39420Points
 5-Kilt Run91031:54
 Nutri-Run 20K3702:11:12
 Mastodon Stomp 5K55028:29
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37036:16
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K5501:00:58
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K28059:44
 Turkey Trot 5K64033:34
9.  Michelle Galassini37380Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37025:32
 5-Kilt Run73030:00
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28035:13
 River City Rat Race 10K37055:40
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28034:01
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
10.  Stacy Erickson-Pesetski     38310Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46025:43
 5-Kilt Run110027:07
 Pufferbelly 5K28026:57
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M3702:02:32
11.  Stacey Hartman36300Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K 50Vol.
 5-Kilt Run37027:31
 Mastodon Stomp 5K64028:57
 Runners on Parade 5K28026:09
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M4602:15:15
12.  Joy Musser38240Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55028:00
 5-Kilt Run46028:01
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37026:59
 JP Jones 10K46057:57
13.  Melissa Robertson36260Points
 5-Kilt Run28027:19
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46026:59
 JP Jones 10K37057:53
 Turkey Trot 5K55031:25
14.  Angie Dirr39200Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K91029:56
 5-Kilt Run82030:14
 Mastodon Stomp 5K82030:56
 River City Rat Race 10K6401:06:27
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M46038:38
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
15.  Melinda Crews39190Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K73029:36
 Nutri-Run 20K 50Vol.
 Runners on Parade 5K55029:51
 New Haven 10K4601:01:58
16.  Emily Bernard38170Points
 Runners on Parade 5K46029:15
 River City Rat Race 10K7301:09:24
 Turkey Trot 5K 50Vol.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M73047:06
17.  Hidi Gaff3580Points
 New Haven 10K28046:57
17.  Laura Lynch3680Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28024:29
17.  Heather Dye3870Points
 Turkey Trot 5K37029:51

MALE 35 TO 39

1.  Greg Veerkamp361360Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46020:33
 5-Kilt Run46020:55
 Nutri-Run 20K2801:26:39
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110020:27
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110026:41
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K37042:43
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K28043:31
 New Haven 10K110042:20
 Pufferbelly 5K110020:29
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110020:32
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M5502:40:13
 Vineyard Trail 5K28023:01
 River City Rat Race 10K46051:20
 Turkey Trot 5K37026:48
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110025:42
2.  Matthew Herald371020Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K82023:59
 5-Kilt Run91024:51
 Nutri-Run 20K6401:50:06
 Mastodon Stomp 5K55023:32
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37030:04
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K82050:41
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K37052:58
 Runners on Parade 5K73022:25
 New Haven 10K55050:43
 Pufferbelly 5K37024:16
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37023:49
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2802:03:01
 Vineyard Trail 5K37025:08
 River City Rat Race 10K37051:05
 Turkey Trot 5K28025:02
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M37031:34
3.  Ben Grubisich39870Points
 5-Kilt Run55022:18
 Nutri-Run 20K4601:34:04
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28021:21
 JP Jones 10K55044:56
 Runners on Parade 5K46021:10
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 New Haven 10K28044:04
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28020:58
 Vineyard Trail 5K110022:02
 River City Rat Race 10K28045:27
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K 50Vol.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28028:12
4.  Jeremy Pfister38620Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K91028:11
 Nutri-Run 20K7302:26:21
 Mastodon Stomp 5K73029:25
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M55037:19
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K6401:02:47
 Runners on Parade 5K91027:23
 New Haven 10K6401:00:10
 Pufferbelly 5K55029:04
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K46027:56
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11001:49:50
 Vineyard Trail 5K46030:21
 River City Rat Race 10K6401:03:09
 Turkey Trot 5K46029:51
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M46037:15
5.  Chris Kaufman39590Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110018:12
 5-Kilt Run28019:20
 JP Jones 10K28039:28
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K110038:03
 Runners on Parade 5K28017:48
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 River City Rat Race 10K110037:51
6.  Chad Nesser37500Points
 Nutri-Run 20K5501:48:15
 Mastodon Stomp 5K64025:05
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M46032:01
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K91052:31
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K46052:48
 Runners on Parade 5K64022:24
 New Haven 10K46048:40
 Pufferbelly 5K28023:36
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
7.  Casey Shafer35400Points
 5-Kilt Run110019:08
 Nutri-Run 20K11001:24:36
 JP Jones 10K110037:47
 Runners on Parade 5K110016:59
8.  Chad Shaw36320Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28019:12
 5-Kilt Run37020:25
 Nutri-Run 20K3701:31:55
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11001:36:23
9.  Jason Robertson37280Points
 JP Jones 10K46042:51
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K55059:44
 Runners on Parade 5K37020:34
 Turkey Trot 5K110020:55
10.  Nicola Perego39270Points
 Pink Ribon Run 4M28028:47
 JP Jones 10K64047:44
 River City Rat Race 10K5501:01:11
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110027:17
11.  Mark Hopkins36210Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64022:32
 5-Kilt Run73023:39
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46022:26
 JP Jones 10K73047:59
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
12.  Matt O'Conner39210Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55022:03
 5-Kilt Run64022:29
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37022:24
 Runners on Parade 5K55021:12
13.  Steve Rose36130Points
 Pufferbelly 5K46025:50
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M3702:06:44
14.  Jason Linn37120Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K73023:51
 5-Kilt Run82023:53
 New Haven 10K37048:33
15.  Justin Wall3970Points
 Pufferbelly 5K64029:10
 River City Rat Race 10K7301:03:33
15.  Ryan Perkins3670Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37020:03
17.  Shawn Baker3520Points
 Runners on Parade 5K82025:29


1.  Shelly Deck431320Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K73026:49
 5-Kilt Run55027:09
 Nutri-Run 20K11001:59:38
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37028:41
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M55037:33
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K4601:03:46
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K3701:05:27
 Runners on Parade 5K46026:55
 New Haven 10K28059:24
 Pufferbelly 5K37026:17
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110025:44
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11002:11:33
 Vineyard Trail 5K28027:26
 River City Rat Race 10K28056:25
 Turkey Trot 5K37026:32
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110033:58
2.  Sherry Brown421080Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K72027:41
 5-Kilt Run64028:56
 Nutri-Run 20K3702:26:00
 Mastodon Stomp 5K64035:01
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M64047:19
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K3701:02:48
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K2801:04:34
 Runners on Parade 5K73028:45
 New Haven 10K46059:53
 Pufferbelly 5K55029:49
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28029:19
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2802:15:51
 Vineyard Trail 5K46031:52
 River City Rat Race 10K3701:08:58
 Turkey Trot 5K46030:30
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28036:42
3.  Tammy King44850Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37024:51
 5-Kilt Run28026:14
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110026:51
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37034:20
 JP Jones 10K2801:01:15
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K11001:02:41
 Runners on Parade 5K55026:31
 Pufferbelly 5K46028:26
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37030:12
 River City Rat Race 10K37059:03
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
4.  Amy Jo Sites40780Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110024:17
 5-Kilt Run110025:34
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28032:47
 Runners on Parade 5K37023:57
 New Haven 10K110051:38
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Pufferbelly 5K28024:19
 Vineyard Trail 5K110025:17
 River City Rat Race 10K110052:21
 Turkey Trot 5K110025:57
5.  Tiffany Kravec44570Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K81028:51
 5-Kilt Run73029:57
 Nutri-Run 20K2802:09:44
 Mastodon Stomp 5K55032:17
 Runners on Parade 5K91031:20
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 New Haven 10K37059:40
 Pufferbelly 5K73031:44
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M3702:24:51
 Vineyard Trail 5K37031:25
 River City Rat Race 10K5501:08:30
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
6.  Jenniffer Jordan40490Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28024:22
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110032:35
 JP Jones 10K110048:56
 Runners on Parade 5K28022:42
 Turkey Trot 5K28026:11
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
7.  Bridgte Clements42390Points
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46029:25
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K4601:13:06
 Runners on Parade 5K82029:40
 New Haven 10K6401:06:25
 River City Rat Race 10K4601:04:49
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K73031:40
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M37037:31
8.  Cari Hardin44280Points
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28027:07
 Runners on Parade 5K110022:27
 Pufferbelly 5K110023:30
9.  Amanda Dennis40210Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64026:42
 5-Kilt Run46026:55
 Nutri-Run 20K 50Vol.
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M46036:48
10.  Kris Sayler44170Points
 Runners on Parade 5K64027:22
 New Haven 10K5501:01:42
 River City Rat Race 10K6401:12:44
 Turkey Trot 5K64031:34
11.  Connie Lubbehusen43140Points
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M73048:37
 River City Rat Race 10K7301:18:17
 Turkey Trot 5K82036:29
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M46045:19
12.  Emily Keirns41130Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46025:24
 5-Kilt Run37026:48
13.  Carly Myers4090Points
 5-Kilt Run64029:58
 Turkey Trot 5K55036:29
14.  Danielle Sullivan4370Points
 5-Kilt Run82034:38
 Runners on Parade 5K 50Vol.
15.  Shawn Peterson4460Points
 Nutri-Run 20K 50Vol.
 Turkey Trot 5K91038:46
16.  Shilpa Buss4050Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55025:55
16.  Erin Brady4450Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K 50Vol.
16.  Rachel Fesler4350Points
 Vineyard Trail 5K55041:42
16.  Sandy Junk4250Points
 JP Jones 10K 50Vol.
20.  Anne Marie Labenberg4010Points
 5-Kilt Run91045:13

MALE 40 TO 44

1.  Todd Poinsett441330Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28022:35
 5-Kilt Run110023:44
 Nutri-Run 20K4601:43:19
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46022:59
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28030:04
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K28049:38
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K55050:45
 Runners on Parade 5K46022:12
 New Haven 10K28047:28
 Pufferbelly 5K46022:32
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110023:05
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M3701:48:19
 Vineyard Trail 5K28024:01
 River City Rat Race 10K37049:07
 Turkey Trot 5K55024:04
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110032:03
2.  David Broerman43810Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110020:25
 Nutri-Run 20K11001:33:05
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28020:30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110027:34
 JP Jones 10K110046:26
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K110044:34
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2801:41:50
 Turkey Trot 5K110021:24
2.  Todd Gibson44810Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55037:09
 5-Kilt Run37037:32
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M55046:26
 JP Jones 10K3701:02:48
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K46050:09
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Runners on Parade 5K64024:13
 New Haven 10K37050:10
 Pufferbelly 5K37021:38
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M4601:50:40
 Vineyard Trail 5K110023:11
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K37022:58
4.  Matt Kelley41610Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37022:46
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37021:48
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K28047:01
 New Haven 10K110045:37
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11001:40:28
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 River City Rat Race 10K28046:14
 Turkey Trot 5K46023:21
5.  Michael Cardelli43430Points
 5-Kilt Run28024:44
 Nutri-Run 20K5501:47:30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37031:32
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K37049:42
 Runners on Parade 5K55023:33
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 River City Rat Race 10K46053:10
6.  Brad Thomas41400Points
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110020:27
 Runners on Parade 5K110019:29
 Pufferbelly 5K110020:22
 River City Rat Race 10K110042:53
7.  Tiziano Briozzo41240Points
 Nutri-Run 20K2801:41:19
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M73035:35
 Pufferbelly 5K28021:32
 River City Rat Race 10K55058:59
8.  Todd Sullivan42130Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46023:16
 Nutri-Run 20K3701:41:38
9.  Dan Delaney4080Points
 Turkey Trot 5K28022:02
10.  John McLaughlin4370Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37021:58
11.  Christopher Klinker4140Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64051:04


1.  Karen Louis47930Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110025:09
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110027:17
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110033:52
 Runners on Parade 5K110026:31
 New Haven 10K2801:04:53
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11002:15:06
 River City Rat Race 10K110054:04
 Turkey Trot 5K110026:14
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110037:52
2.  Kris Lill47920Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37029:32
 5-Kilt Run110030:13
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28029:46
 JP Jones 10K2801:02:17
 New Haven 10K11001:01:34
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Pufferbelly 5K110029:42
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28030:32
 River City Rat Race 10K4601:02:51
 Turkey Trot 5K28031:53
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M37040:16
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
3.  Shellie Love47890Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64032:31
 Nutri-Run 20K11002:20:25
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46034:43
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M46042:19
 JP Jones 10K3701:08:11
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Pufferbelly 5K37029:49
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K46033:07
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M3702:31:47
 Vineyard Trail 5K110034:22
 River City Rat Race 10K6401:05:23
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K46033:05
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M46040:26
4.  Kim Martin47860Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55032:24
 Nutri-Run 20K3702:50:31
 Mastodon Stomp 5K55041:03
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M73035:35
 JP Jones 10K4701:27:27
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K2801:15:51
 Runners on Parade 5K46031:07
 Pufferbelly 5K28031:31
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37030:56
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M5503:49:01
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 River City Rat Race 10K7301:10:59
 Turkey Trot 5K73035:14
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M64041:25
5.  Marcia Schaefer45730Points
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37030:29
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28039:11
 JP Jones 10K11001:02:05
 Runners on Parade 5K28029:10
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110030:34
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2802:16:55
 River City Rat Race 10K5501:04:26
 Turkey Trot 5K37032:50
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M55040:27
6.  Debby Rowan48520Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46031:19
 5-Kilt Run28033:26
 Nutri-Run 20K2802:24:54
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37042:04
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M4602:34:34
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K64033:49
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28039:56
7.  Connie Bealer45390Points
 5-Kilt Run37034:48
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M55042:28
 Runners on Parade 5K37031:02
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K55034:10
 Vineyard Trail 5K28038:38
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 River City Rat Race 10K8201:11:59
8.  Tina Grady47310Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K73035:16
 5-Kilt Run46037:45
 Nutri-Run 20K 50Vol.
 Runners on Parade 5K55036:25
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K64036:18
 River City Rat Race 10K9101:13:52
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K82037:33
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M73046:21
9.  Tara Greer47250Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28028:21
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K11001:00:54
 River City Rat Race 10K3701:02:25
10.  Melanee Findley4580Points
 River City Rat Race 10K28058:44
11.  Chris Bush4870Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K82025:58
 Nutri-Run 20K 50Vol.
11.  Cyndi Calzada4570Points
 Vineyard Trail 5K37057:51
13.  Ellie Frauhiger4650Points
 Turkey Trot 5K55033:45
14.  Beth Keeton4710Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K91042:54

MALE 45 TO 49

1.  Clark Reed491630Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110019:11
 5-Kilt Run110019:43
 Nutri-Run 20K11001:20:32
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110018:44
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110024:32
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K110038:50
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K110040:53
 Runners on Parade 5K28018:57
 New Haven 10K110037:32
 Pufferbelly 5K110018:22
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110018:38
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11001:23:00
 Vineyard Trail 5K110019:35
 Turkey Trot 5K110018:51
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110023:38
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
2.  Noel Shafer481440Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28019:55
 5-Kilt Run28020:18
 Nutri-Run 20K3701:28:22
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28019:21
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28026:01
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K28042:10
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K28041:01
 Runners on Parade 5K110018:27
 New Haven 10K28039:54
 Pufferbelly 5K28019:00
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28018:45
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2801:31:48
 Vineyard Trail 5K37021:05
 River City Rat Race 10K110041:33
 Turkey Trot 5K37020:44
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28025:35
3.  Eugene Yoder491060Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46020:24
 Nutri-Run 20K2801:28:13
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37020:30
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37026:58
 JP Jones 10K46044:25
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K37043:17
 Runners on Parade 5K37019:55
 New Haven 10K37042:27
 Pufferbelly 5K37020:31
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37020:26
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M3701:33:03
 River City Rat Race 10K28041:59
 Turkey Trot 5K46020:44
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M46026:14
4.  Mark Witmer49550Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64021:10
 5-Kilt Run55022:18
 Mastodon Stomp 5K55021:04
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M46027:39
 JP Jones 10K37044:20
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Runners on Parade 5K55020:41
 River City Rat Race 10K46043:15
 Turkey Trot 5K55022:20
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M37026:14
5.  Rob Marucci45380Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55021:03
 5-Kilt Run37020:49
 Nutri-Run 20K5501:36:27
 Vineyard Trail 5K28020:32
 Turkey Trot 5K28020:43
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
6.  Bradford Ziebell47330Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K91023:23
 5-Kilt Run64023:53
 Nutri-Run 20K7301:42:54
 Mastodon Stomp 5K73024:14
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M64030:31
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K55049:42
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K46051:36
 Runners on Parade 5K82023:58
7.  Tony Galassini45290Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K73021:39
 5-Kilt Run46021:45
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M55028:15
 River City Rat Race 10K55045:46
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M55027:51
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
8.  Frank Murphy46180Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K 50Vol.
 JP Jones 10K64055:51
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M4601:58:07
 Turkey Trot 5K73057:06
8.  Pat Thomasson49180Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37020:15
 5-Kilt Run73025:29
 Nutri-Run 20K6401:39:55
 Mastodon Stomp 5K64022:24
10.  Todd Ernsberger47170Points
 Nutri-Run 20K8202:14:46
 Mastodon Stomp 5K82041:31
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M73041:55
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 New Haven 10K5501:12:32
11.  Mike Else46130Points
 Nutri-Run 20K4601:28:52
 River City Rat Race 10K37042:29
12.  Todd Finley4590Points
 Runners on Parade 5K73022:56
 New Haven 10K46048:52
13.  Buff Dormeier4660Points
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46020:41
13.  Tom Hardin4560Points
 Runners on Parade 5K46020:23
13.  Berry Weaver4560Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K82022:08
 Runners on Parade 5K64020:44
16.  Chad Ware4850Points
 JP Jones 10K 50Vol.
17.  Douglas Dye4940Points
 Turkey Trot 5K64029:51
17.  Sam Gille4540Points
 River City Rat Race 10K64057:06
17.  John Kravec4640Points
 5-Kilt Run91027:59
 JP Jones 10K73056:15
20.  Scott Anderson4530Points
 5-Kilt Run82027:30
 Runners on Parade 5K91025:10


1.  Deborah Seigel501320Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37029:31
 5-Kilt Run37029:48
 Nutri-Run 20K3602:17:53
 Mastodon Stomp 5K55029:06
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M46038:50
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K11001:02:05
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K11001:04:31
 Runners on Parade 5K55028:53
 New Haven 10K4601:00:58
 Pufferbelly 5K28029:10
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37029:03
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2802:14:01
 Vineyard Trail 5K28031:32
 River City Rat Race 10K2801:01:12
 Turkey Trot 5K46029:44
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110038:29
2.  Belinda Clancy511110Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64032:24
 5-Kilt Run46033:43
 Nutri-Run 20K4602:19:35
 Mastodon Stomp 5K64032:49
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M64041:48
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K2801:14:43
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K2801:16:52
 Runners on Parade 5K64030:24
 New Haven 10K5501:02:09
 Pufferbelly 5K37029:31
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K46029:34
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M3702:36:26
 Vineyard Trail 5K37032:37
 River City Rat Race 10K3701:03:30
 Turkey Trot 5K55030:15
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28038:39
3.  Denise Conrad541100Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110021:00
 5-Kilt Run110021:25
 Nutri-Run 20K11001:29:40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110020:49
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110027:17
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Runners on Parade 5K110019:46
 New Haven 10K110041:38
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110020:44
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11001:34:31
 Turkey Trot 5K110021:44
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
4.  Cindy McGovern51490Points
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K28023:26
 Pufferbelly 5K110024:01
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28023:55
 River City Rat Race 10K110047:41
 Turkey Trot 5K28024:24
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
5.  Gail Gerber52480Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28026:08
 Nutri-Run 20K2801:58:44
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37026:28
 Runners on Parade 5K 50Vol.
 New Haven 10K28052:59
 Turkey Trot 5K37027:57
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
6.  Sherrie Konkle52350Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46030:03
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46028:02
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M55040:02
 Runners on Parade 5K46027:15
 New Haven 10K37059:16
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K64030:36
7.  Beverly Lubs51330Points
 5-Kilt Run64023:53
 Mastodon Stomp 5K73036:17
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M73045:07
 Runners on Parade 5K82033:16
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K55035:33
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Vineyard Trail 5K46038:07
 Turkey Trot 5K 50Vol.
8.  Kym Crandell51320Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K82050:06
 5-Kilt Run55037:46
 Mastodon Stomp 5K82029:43
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M82051:58
 Runners on Parade 5K91035:45
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Pufferbelly 5K46039:01
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K64040:27
 Vineyard Trail 5K55040:29
9.  Ellen Osborn52240Points
 5-Kilt Run28024:09
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28023:11
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28029:38
10.  Cathy Pusey50140Points
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37034:17
 Runners on Parade 5K37023:37
10.  Linette Barry52110Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55030:09
 River City Rat Race 10K4601:09:34
11.  Lisa Ruefer53100Points
 Vineyard Trail 5K110028:53
12.  Lori Heim5180Points
 5-Kilt Run73023:53
 Nutri-Run 20K 50Vol.
13.  Marsha Ebetino5160Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K73033:14
 Runners on Parade 5K73031:00
14.  Suzi Eberle5150Points
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K 50Vol.
15.  Carol Dobis5430Points
 Turkey Trot 5K73030:36
16.  Jenny Deal5320Points
 Turkey Trot 5K8201:08:12

MALE 50 TO 54

1.  Rick Grieze521590Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28020:41
 5-Kilt Run28021:42
 Nutri-Run 20K2801:33:51
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28020:05
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110027:10
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K110044:19
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K110044:43
 Runners on Parade 5K110020:10
 New Haven 10K110043:14
 Pufferbelly 5K110021:07
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110020:50
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M3701:40:24
 Vineyard Trail 5K110022:35
 River City Rat Race 10K37043:39
 Turkey Trot 5K28021:53
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110026:32
2.  Greg Hevel521270Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55022:32
 5-Kilt Run46023:39
 Nutri-Run 20K4601:43:23
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37022:47
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28031:42
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K28048:53
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K28050:33
 Runners on Parade 5K28021:53
 New Haven 10K28047:20
 Pufferbelly 5K28023:07
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28022:51
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M4601:54:35
 Vineyard Trail 5K28024:37
 River City Rat Race 10K55048:52
 Turkey Trot 5K46025:01
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M37031:19
3.  Marshall Manoloff53820Points
 5-Kilt Run64028:18
 Mastodon Stomp 5K73028:54
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37037:30
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K4601:03:35
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K4601:02:43
 Runners on Parade 5K64028:20
 New Haven 10K5501:02:05
 Pufferbelly 5K46029:07
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K46029:02
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M6402:18:50
 Vineyard Trail 5K46033:44
 River City Rat Race 10K9101:08:17
 Turkey Trot 5K73031:12
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M46038:10
4.  David Martin51640Points
 5-Kilt Run91043:27
 Mastodon Stomp 5K82041:00
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M46052:18
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K5501:27:27
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K5501:27:09
 Runners on Parade 5K82042:53
 New Haven 10K6401:23:05
 Pufferbelly 5K55038:36
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K55039:23
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M7303:11:25
 Vineyard Trail 5K55046:49
 Turkey Trot 5K91042:17
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M55051:57
5.  Gregg Osborn54550Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110018:49
 5-Kilt Run110019:25
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110018:08
 River City Rat Race 10K110038:44
 Turkey Trot 5K110019:35
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
6.  Matt Emley51540Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K73023:26
 Mastodon Stomp 5K64023:28
 Runners on Parade 5K46023:05
 New Haven 10K37051:30
 Pufferbelly 5K37023:59
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37023:25
 Turkey Trot 5K37024:52
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28030:57
7.  Tim Saalfrank54340Points
 Nutri-Run 20K6402:22:26
 JP Jones 10K3701:00:56
 New Haven 10K46056:30
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M5502:15:22
 River City Rat Race 10K7301:02:35
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K64029:26
8.  Kent Greer51330Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K82026:04
 Nutri-Run 20K5501:55:40
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K37054:33
 Runners on Parade 5K55025:33
 River City Rat Race 10K64053:39
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K55027:11
9.  Scott Eberle52280Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46021:18
 5-Kilt Run37022:41
 Nutri-Run 20K11001:29:57
 Mastodon Stomp 5K55023:06
10.  Steve Heim54220Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64022:48
 5-Kilt Run55023:47
 Nutri-Run 20K3701:36:06
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46022:58
11.  Dan McGuire52170Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K91027:20
 5-Kilt Run73029:05
 Runners on Parade 5K37022:49
 River City Rat Race 10K46048:26
12.  Michael Wemhoff54120Points
 5-Kilt Run82030:24
 Runners on Parade 5K73029:02
 Vineyard Trail 5K37046:49
13.  Scott McCauley51100Points
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11001:34:22
14.  Donovan Houser5080Points
 River City Rat Race 10K28043:22
14.  Mark Walter5080Points
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2801:38:31
16.  Ward Moya5270Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37020:58
17.  Jon Beasley5050Points
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K 50Vol.
17.  Jeff Metzger5450Points
 JP Jones 10K 50Vol.
19.  Larry Wuest5420Points
 River City Rat Race 10K8201:05:44
20.  Andrew Barry5120Points
 Turkey Trot 5K82032:09
20.  Ed Lill5310Points
 Mastodon Stomp 5K91044:42


1.  Benita Browning581300Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64049:17
 5-Kilt Run64050:41
 Nutri-Run 20K11003:24:00
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110044:39
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M55058:19
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K2801:41:28
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K11001:36:29
 Runners on Parade 5K64043:10
 New Haven 10K4601:33:04
 Pufferbelly 5K110043:03
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110043:33
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M3703:49:44
 Vineyard Trail 5K28048:53
 River City Rat Race 10K4601:41:32
 Turkey Trot 5K37050:05
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M4601:10:00
2.  Lisa Ramirez561100Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55046:51
 5-Kilt Run55049:10
 Nutri-Run 20K2803:45:10
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37052:04
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M6401:06:54
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K3701:52:32
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K2801:50:36
 Runners on Parade 5K73049:25
 New Haven 10K5501:43:32
 Pufferbelly 5K28049:42
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28049:01
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M4603:59:29
 Vineyard Trail 5K46052:13
 River City Rat Race 10K6401:49:16
 Turkey Trot 5K46051:38
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M5501:10:00
3.  Betty Greider55890Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K73051:39
 5-Kilt Run73054:34
 Nutri-Run 20K3704:05:16
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46055:07
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K4601:57:53
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K3702:02:12
 Runners on Parade 5K82052:33
 New Haven 10K6401:51:30
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37058:19
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M5504:39:01
 Vineyard Trail 5K37050:45
 River City Rat Race 10K5501:49:15
 Turkey Trot 5K55053:14
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M3701:07:45
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
4.  Melinda Kinder55690Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110027:06
 5-Kilt Run110028:52
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M46046:03
 JP Jones 10K110058:59
 Runners on Parade 5K110026:51
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 New Haven 10K28055:27
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11001:59:21
5.  Helen Best56500Points
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28030:31
 New Haven 10K3701:00:45
 River City Rat Race 10K110059:48
 Turkey Trot 5K110028:59
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110034:34
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
6.  Sue Kroeger56440Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37031:04
 5-Kilt Run28033:26
 River City Rat Race 10K2801:06:33
 Turkey Trot 5K28035:49
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28041:51
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
7.  Christy Gripp58200Points
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37043:37
 Runners on Parade 5K46034:17
 River City Rat Race 10K3701:24:49
7.  Deanna Petcoff55200Points
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110033:12
 New Haven 10K110052:05
7.  Mary Voors59200Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46045:25
 5-Kilt Run46045:17
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28048:41
10.  Susan Koenemann58180Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28030:40
 Vineyard Trail 5K110034:29
11.  Dori Meighan57170Points
 5-Kilt Run37034:25
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110035:03
12.  Joy Brown56150Points
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37031:40
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2802:37:19
13.  Dorthea Ruhl5680Points
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28037:06
14.  Barb Richardson5650Points
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M55036:37
14.  Judy Tillapaugh5750Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K 50Vol.
16.  Carolyne Newburn5630Points
 5-Kilt Run8201:04:26
 Runners on Parade 5K9101:01:00

MALE 55 TO 59

1.  Bill Oliver581610Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28021:34
 5-Kilt Run28021:53
 Nutri-Run 20K11001:34:30
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28021:04
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110028:20
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K110047:12
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K110047:18
 Runners on Parade 5K110020:51
 New Haven 10K28045:46
 Pufferbelly 5K110021:17
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110021:17
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M4601:46:14
 Vineyard Trail 5K110022:46
 River City Rat Race 10K110045:29
 Turkey Trot 5K28022:31
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110027:56
2.  Mike Slaubaugh55940Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64021:52
 5-Kilt Run55023:47
 Nutri-Run 20K4601:41:03
 Mastodon Stomp 5K64022:40
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M46030:37
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K28050:15
 Runners on Parade 5K46022:24
 New Haven 10K37045:58
 Pufferbelly 5K28022:24
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28021:38
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11001:41:59
 River City Rat Race 10K37053:27
 Turkey Trot 5K 50Vol.
3.  Pat Beuchel56660Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46021:51
 5-Kilt Run46023:25
 Nutri-Run 20K5501:41:39
 Mastodon Stomp 5K55021:57
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37029:14
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 New Haven 10K110044:24
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37022:16
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2801:43:37
 Turkey Trot 5K37025:39
4.  Ed Stange57530Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K73023:36
 5-Kilt Run64024:57
 Nutri-Run 20K6401:47:59
 Mastodon Stomp 5K73023:41
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M55031:39
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K37050:03
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K37050:44
 Runners on Parade 5K37022:23
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28033:03
5.  Ray Gildner59460Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K 50Vol.
 Nutri-Run 20K3701:40:04
 JP Jones 10K28047:28
 Runners on Parade 5K28021:38
 New Haven 10K46046:30
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M3701:43:59
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
6.  Larry Arnett56440Points
 5-Kilt Run82026:49
 Nutri-Run 20K8202:00:44
 Mastodon Stomp 5K82026:18
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M73033:36
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K5501:02:52
 Runners on Parade 5K64025:18
 New Haven 10K64053:19
 River City Rat Race 10K46058:05
 Turkey Trot 5K46028:52
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
7.  Steve Leffers55400Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110021:05
 5-Kilt Run110020:44
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110018:51
 Turkey Trot 5K110019:54
8.  Michael Conrad57390Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55021:51
 5-Kilt Run37022:22
 Nutri-Run 20K2801:38:32
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46021:41
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28028:21
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
9.  David Edsall56320Points
 5-Kilt Run73025:46
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M64032:42
 Runners on Parade 5K55024:26
 Pufferbelly 5K37024:25
 River City Rat Race 10K28050:37
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
10.  Richard Dickerman59260Points
 5-Kilt Run91027:19
 Mastodon Stomp 5K91026:38
 JP Jones 10K46055:07
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M6402:07:32
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K64030:07
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M55037:09
10.  Joseph Kinder59260Points
 JP Jones 10K6401:06:45
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 New Haven 10K9101:08:22
 Pufferbelly 5K46033:34
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M7302:35:45
 Turkey Trot 5K82037:23
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
10.  Jeff Rohleder59260Points
 Nutri-Run 20K9102:20:29
 Runners on Parade 5K82027:06
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M5502:08:44
 Vineyard Trail 5K28030:55
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K55029:45
13.  Michael Roeger57220Points
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M82042:28
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 New Haven 10K8201:08:17
 River City Rat Race 10K6401:08:16
 Turkey Trot 5K73033:39
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M46041:49
14.  Steve Fuller59190Points
 Runners on Parade 5K 50Vol.
 Pufferbelly 5K55056:27
 River City Rat Race 10K7301:16:15
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K91039:22
14.  Paul Shaffer57140Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37021:39
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37021:32
16.  Craig Bobay59130Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K91027:05
 Turkey Trot 5K 50Vol.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M37033:28
17.  Kevin Croy58110Points
 Nutri-Run 20K 50Vol.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M46036:00
18.  Brian Keane5560Points
 Runners on Parade 5K91027:06
 River City Rat Race 10K5501:04:38
18.  Rowland Perez5560Points
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K4601:01:08
18.  Rex Peters5960Points
 JP Jones 10K46058:43
21.  Dave Graney5650Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K 50Vol.
21.  Michael Mann5750Points
 New Haven 10K55050:28
21.  Henry Surratt5850Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K82024:53
 Nutri-Run 20K7301:54:05
24.  Thom Horton5630Points
 New Haven 10K7301:04:56
24.  John Mickelini5630Points
 Runners on Parade 5K73025:20


1.  Cynthia Cornwell611260Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110027:54
 5-Kilt Run110027:06
 Nutri-Run 20K11002:03:21
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110026:55
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110033:12
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K28054:24
 Runners on Parade 5K28024:45
 Pufferbelly 5K110026:07
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110025:57
 River City Rat Race 10K110056:49
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K110026:54
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110034:01
2.  Sherry Nidlinger641210Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55036:48
 5-Kilt Run55036:48
 Nutri-Run 20K2802:52:57
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37039:22
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37049:36
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K4601:30:39
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K2801:25:21
 Runners on Parade 5K73037:49
 New Haven 10K3701:24:53
 Pufferbelly 5K37040:02
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K46039:11
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11003:14:18
 Vineyard Trail 5K28042:46
 River City Rat Race 10K4601:26:06
 Turkey Trot 5K28042:18
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M55049:49
3.  Bev Murphy611020Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K 50Vol.
 5-Kilt Run37030:43
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28031:54
 JP Jones 10K3701:07:19
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K11001:08:55
 Runners on Parade 5K46030:21
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 New Haven 10K11001:01:10
 Pufferbelly 5K28030:59
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37030:35
 Vineyard Trail 5K110037:15
 River City Rat Race 10K3701:10:31
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M37046:22
4.  Linda Alberding60800Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64046:18
 Nutri-Run 20K3703:24:01
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46044:44
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M46054:36
 JP Jones 10K5501:41:29
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K3701:36:39
 New Haven 10K4601:33:04
 Pufferbelly 5K46042:59
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K55041:50
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2803:37:58
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K37045:50
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M73055:59
5.  Roxanne Kingsbury61540Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37030:39
 5-Kilt Run46033:41
 Nutri-Run 20K 50Vol.
 Runners on Parade 5K37030:21
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28030:31
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 River City Rat Race 10K2801:05:06
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28045:06
6.  Joni Wyatt62260Points
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28047:48
 Runners on Parade 5K64035:23
 New Haven 10K2801:17:15
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M46047:21
7.  Janice Peters60200Points
 JP Jones 10K110053:46
 Runners on Parade 5K110024:32
8.  Lynn Heim60160Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28028:18
 5-Kilt Run28029:47
8.  Cheryl Stromski60160Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46034:04
 JP Jones 10K 50Vol.
 Runners on Parade 5K55034:15
10.  Regina Blanchette61100Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K73046:34
 5-Kilt Run82046:46
 Mastodon Stomp 5K55042:34
10.  Jenni Etzler64100Points
 5-Kilt Run64040:39
 Runners on Parade 5K82040:15
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M64050:59
12.  Nancy Boyer6440Points
 5-Kilt Run73042:10
 Runners on Parade 5K91040:46

MALE 60 TO 64

1.  Stephen Hilker601260Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46026:08
 5-Kilt Run28027:02
 Nutri-Run 20K4602:00:03
 Mastodon Stomp 5K46026:26
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37035:18
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K110054:51
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K28055:14
 Runners on Parade 5K73025:11
 New Haven 10K55053:11
 Pufferbelly 5K28026:54
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37026:14
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M5502:00:37
 Vineyard Trail 5K110028:07
 River City Rat Race 10K37056:33
 Turkey Trot 5K37026:53
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28033:39
2.  Timothy Murphy61970Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K91054:04
 5-Kilt Run37057:00
 Mastodon Stomp 5K73055:32
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M5501:11:26
 JP Jones 10K3701:53:35
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K4601:56:07
 Runners on Parade 5K 50Vol.
 New Haven 10K6401:53:10
 Pufferbelly 5K37053:53
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K46058:46
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M6404:07:29
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Vineyard Trail 5K28058:06
 River City Rat Race 10K4601:57:24
 Turkey Trot 5K4601:08:16
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M3701:10:00
3.  Jed Pearson64770Points
 5-Kilt Run110024:17
 Nutri-Run 20K2801:41:57
 New Haven 10K46048:34
 Pufferbelly 5K110023:37
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2801:44:58
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 River City Rat Race 10K110049:50
 Turkey Trot 5K110024:46
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110031:29
4.  Len Piropato61640Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55029:52
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28030:46
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K110049:37
 Runners on Parade 5K46022:41
 New Haven 10K37048:08
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M3701:51:06
 River City Rat Race 10K28050:59
 Turkey Trot 5K28024:56
5.  Mike Clendenen61530Points
 Nutri-Run 20K3701:54:51
 Mastodon Stomp 5K55027:46
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28058:59
 JP Jones 10K2801:07:19
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K37056:01
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Runners on Parade 5K 50Vol.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28024:58
6.  Gary Schmunk60500Points
 Nutri-Run 20K11001:37:40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28021:27
 Runners on Parade 5K37021:32
 New Haven 10K110045:02
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110021:35
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
7.  Mark Furkis60300Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110018:46
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110018:05
 Runners on Parade 5K110017:49
8.  Phil Rizzo63180Points
 New Haven 10K28046:06
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11001:41:37
9.  Doug Osborn62150Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28021:40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37021:38
9.  Bob Sedlmeyer61150Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37022:53
 Runners on Parade 5K28021:26
11.  Chuck Brown60110Points
 Runners on Parade 5K55024:53
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M4601:55:06
12.  Brad Altevogt61100Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110027:33
12.  Kerry Blanchette62100Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K64030:23
 Mastodon Stomp 5K64040:49
 Runners on Parade 5K82031:31
14.  Tom Felts6150Points
 Runners on Parade 5K 50Vol.
14.  Don Ransome6450Points
 Nutri-Run 20K5502:00:25
16.  Wayne Kolvoord6130Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K73034:05
17.  Mark Maffey6420Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K82045:29


1.  Barb Scrogham691370Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46035:41
 5-Kilt Run37036:55
 Nutri-Run 20K11002:58:31
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37035:33
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M46046:32
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K3701:17:24
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K2801:19:40
 Runners on Parade 5K46035:38
 New Haven 10K2801:20:13
 Pufferbelly 5K37037:07
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37037:07
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11003:49:01
 Vineyard Trail 5K28059:49
 River City Rat Race 10K3701:24:17
 Turkey Trot 5K110042:06
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28049:05
2.  Kathy Rowe65750Points
 5-Kilt Run110032:45
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110031:37
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110040:15
 JP Jones 10K11001:05:40
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K11001:05:24
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Vineyard Trail 5K11001:05:01
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110040:39
3.  Betty Nelson69640Points
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28042:47
 Runners on Parade 5K37033:28
 New Haven 10K11001:12:44
 Pufferbelly 5K28034:08
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K38034:00
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Vineyard Trail 5K110038:17
 River City Rat Race 10K2801:13:00
4.  Pat Jedrek-Lehman69430Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37032:58
 5-Kilt Run28035:58
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28032:51
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37044:04
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K2801:07:27
5.  Barb Wearley65360Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28032:33
 Runners on Parade 5K28031:38
 Pufferbelly 5K110032:17
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110033:00
6.  Susan Verstynen65200Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110031:36
 Runners on Parade 5K110029:43
7.  Pat Stoffer-Muncie6960Points
 5-Kilt Run46047:01

MALE 65 TO 69

1.  Roger Kingsbery661750Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110023:00
 5-Kilt Run110023:34
 Nutri-Run 20K11001:38:55
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110022:19
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110029:43
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K110049:15
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K110050:16
 Runners on Parade 5K110022:06
 New Haven 10K110057:37
 Pufferbelly 5K110022:54
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110022:44
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M11001:44:21
 Vineyard Trail 5K110024:29
 River City Rat Race 10K110048:30
 Turkey Trot 5K110024:04
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110030:07
2.  James Alberding651070Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46034:09
 Nutri-Run 20K2803:06:45
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28034:58
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28043:39
 JP Jones 10K2801:13:35
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K2801:14:40
 Runners on Parade 5K46032:38
 New Haven 10K2801:12:30
 Pufferbelly 5K28034:35
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28034:41
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M3703:37:53
 Turkey Trot 5K37036:46
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M37044:19
3.  Steven Greider661010Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K55039:49
 5-Kilt Run46052:58
 Nutri-Run 20K3703:56:11
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37049:26
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K3701:47:25
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K3701:37:53
 Runners on Parade 5K55046:58
 New Haven 10K3701:51:31
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37047:27
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M4604:37:33
 Vineyard Trail 5K28056:46
 River City Rat Race 10K3701:48:20
 Turkey Trot 5K46050:05
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M4601:07:33
4.  Rich Stephenson69450Points
 5-Kilt Run28037:55
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2802:42:57
 River City Rat Race 10K28050:59
 Turkey Trot 5K28036:25
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28044:18
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
5.  Jim Pickett66150Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28028:35
 5-Kilt Run37043:46
6.  Jim Smith6680Points
 Runners on Parade 5K28026:45
7.  Bruce Etzler6670Points
 Runners on Parade 5K37027:48
7.  Gerald Thompson6870Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37029:19




1.  Robert Bruckner701250Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K110025:16
 5-Kilt Run110025:50
 Mastodon Stomp 5K110025:14
 JP Jones 10K110057:45
 New Haven 10K110053:55
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Pufferbelly 5K110025:48
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K110025:47
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2802:14:52
 Vineyard Trail 5K110035:10
 River City Rat Race 10K3701:26:53
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 Turkey Trot 5K110027:21
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M110034:44
2.  Karl Dietsch771220Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46037:21
 5-Kilt Run37037:14
 Nutri-Run 20K11002:55:05
 Mastodon Stomp 5K37034:36
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M28046:22
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 JP Jones 10K3701:13:34
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K2801:16:24
 Runners on Parade 5K64034:09
 New Haven 10K5501:13:12
 Pufferbelly 5K55037:31
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K37037:34
 Parlor City Trot 13.1M2802:52:41
 Vineyard Trail 5K37039:43
 River City Rat Race 10K4601:24:20
 Turkey Trot 5K55040:02
 Completed 15 Races 50Bon.
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M37051:07
3.  Dick Harnly781140Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K45038:11
 5-Kilt Run28032:40
 Mastodon Stomp 5K28032:34
 JP Jones 10K2801:05:40
 Frontier Run 'n Fun 10K11001:07:01
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 Runners on Parade 5K28030:40
 New Haven 10K2801:04:10
 Pufferbelly 5K28031:42
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28032:27
 Vineyard Trail 5K28035:37
 Completed 10 Races 50Bon.
 River City Rat Race 10K11001:08:15
 Turkey Trot 5K37033:50
 Gingerbread Pursuit 4M28051:07
4.  Bill Harris77580Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K 50Vol.
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M37051:30
 Runners on Parade 5K55032:09
 New Haven 10K4601:08:25
 Pufferbelly 5K46032:25
 A. Wayne Rotary 5K28032:48
 Completed 5 Races 50Bon.
 River City Rat Race 10K2801:08:41
 Turkey Trot 5K28033:27
5.  Bernie Burgette72330Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K37033:20
 Nutri-Run 20K 50Vol.
 Runners on Parade 5K37030:41
 New Haven 10K3701:04:22
 Pufferbelly 5K37032:03
6.  Dean Cutshall72200Points
 Pink Ribbon Run 4M110041:50
 Runners on Parade 5K110029:51
7.  David Boylan73120Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K46032:03
 Turkey Trot 5K46034:15
8.  John Peters7580Points
 Fanny Freezer 5K28028:37