Pluto: King of the Kuiper Belt Running and Walking Challenge

Where: Fort Wayne
When:  @ 
Who: Angie Webb (
Use code FLY35 to save 35% when you sign up! How far will your feet take you in 2022?
For the past ten years we have chosen a different planet to race to as a group. When we first started the journey, Pluto was still considered a planet, and we plan to honor the underdog, and keep our commitment to journey to Pluto! We are looking for runners, walkers, and joggers of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels to join us for our PLUTO: King of the Kuiper Belt Running and Walking Challenge! As a group, our goal is to log enough miles to get to Pluto. Log your miles and they will be added to our total miles as a group. Lets log enough miles to get there! Its a 3.1 billion mile journey, so we need your help! Well do our best to get there, but the most important thing is how many miles YOU move! Thousands of people worldwide have joined the challenge. Will you?